Thursday, August 07, 2008

any sight of Crockett or Elvis?

hey everyone

Dad's been sending pictures from his current trip around the world, including some from Miami! now, most readers of this site will know that i have a healthy passion for a TV show set there, perhaps the best TV show of all time. well, one of them.

let's have a close look at the picture here of Biscayne Bay...

hmn, well, no immediate evidence of Crockett being docked there, and certainly no sign of an alligator called Elvis sat on one of the yachts! oh well, perhaps they were busy that day cruising the waterways?

best we have a look at a wider view, then, see if they are there....

nope, doesn't look like it. i think this is probably why Michele would never ever endorse a long holiday in the Miami area for us. i would want to spend the whole time in a white linen suit with the sleeves rolled up, looking around for the great ones! she can't talk too much, mind - Michele would want to spend her time looking for Horatio from that other tv show which is, to say the least, considerably lesser in cultural and artistic merit from the great Miami Vice.

anyway, this Biscayne Bay place looks rather smart!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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