Sunday, May 21, 2017

the micro comics strike back


a little while ago, as in a year or so i think,  did a post on some Star Wars "micro comics" that i picked up at Toys R Us or similar. those items promised, look you see, to have another series of them, only celebrating the second film off of Star Wars rather than the first which was the concern at the time.

it is quite likely that i offered, promised or otherwise suggested that should i ever get some of this second series of them i would share images here. let me, then, honour whatever obligation i may have made in that regard right here, right now.

ah, yes, here you go - here's the link to the original ones of these i got, way back in June 2016. so i wasn't far off in saying a year or so ago, if indeed i said a year or so ago above. no, i don't proof read or edit what i write, that's my excuse for errors. 

just as with the ones off of A New Hope, these micro comics in celebration of The Empire Strikes Back cost just ever so slightly south of £3, or if you like they were £2.99 a packet. no inflation damage caused to the world of Star Wars merchandise as such as yet, then.

what's inside the "micro comic" packets? same as last time, but let's have a look.

from what i can see and make out, you get a "micro comic" (surprise) featuring a section of the story of The Empire Strikes Back, a 3D poster of the cover of the edition you have, some 3D glasses for your poster viewing pleasure and some sort of collectable card. well, collectable if you want to collect them.

the collectable card aspect is most decidedly dodgy. i think there's 36 cards to collect in total, and yet only 6 different comics. so i believe they want you to own each comic 6 times in order to get all the cards. and that's if you are lucky and don't pick up any duplicates.  the least you could spend to get all of the cards, on the assumption of the price i paid, is just north of £107 or if you prefer just south of £108 good luck with that.

behold, for above is one of the 3D posters. i have absolutely no clue if the 3D qualities of it have transferred across when scanning it in, or when you look upon it now. should you have some 3D glasses to hand and wish to try, please do not see me in any way trying to prevent you from doing so.

with respect to the 2 collectors cards i got in these packets, 1 of them you have already seen if you are a regular reader. should this not be you, don't feel bad. if you want to have a gander, here you go, here's a link to my most smart Fett Ice post where you can see it.

meanwhile, for the sake of completeness, here's the other card, then.

no, frankly. i do not believe that i will be spending any further funds on packets of these. certainly, at the least, not another 34 packets in the hope that i get all of the other cards in this series. as, admittedly, splendid as they look.

and for some sort of sense or idea as to how splendid they do in fact look, here you go. on the back of the 3D poster there's a guide, or if you prefer advert, to be sure, for all of the items which are theoretically available for all of this Star Wars micro comics series.

ideally yes, of course, i would have liked to have scored editions four and five of these Empire Strikes Back micro comics. that would have meant that i got the ones which featured Boba Fett and Lando on the covers. but, that's the joy of buying "blind bagging" items. you have no clue as to which ones you shall obtain.

to move slightly away from these micro comic things, here you go. each month thus far this year i have shared what my Star Wars "concept art" calendar has had on display for the month. let us not allow May to be any different. here you go, then.

yes, quite. surprisingly, and disappointingly, it is yet more concept art off of the first released Star Wars movie, ostensibly referred to as A New Hope. i kind of assumed they would divide the 12 months of the year by the 3 films, giving you 4 months per film. alas, no. it looks like 5 months of the first one, 5 of the second and just 2 of the last, Return Of The Jedi. perhaps there was just not much art to concept for that last one, then.

the other 3D poster for your further 3D viewing pleasure? of course.

it's not for me to wade into that whole debate on the subject, but yes. quite a few people regard this, The Empire Strikes Back, as being the better or the best of all the Star Wars films. to be honest i've just enjoyed them all, and have not really ever felt a need to rank them in preference.

no, it's not just you, it is me too. i don't believe that i have said all that much about the quality, value and indeed etc of these Empire Strikes Back micro comic things off of Star Wars. they are just lovely things to have a look at, i suppose, and so it's probably been best for me to let the pictures do what they ostensibly exist for, which is to be looked at.

a formality of a question, if not a theoretical one, would be if i have any interest in getting some of these off of Return Of The Jedi when they come out. going on fate and pattern thus far, that should be mid-2018. i suspect certain readers of my blog would really very much like a 3D poster of Leia in that boss "slave" bikini she had on, so we will see. if it's convenient for me to get them, and i actually spot them on sale, then yes, sure.

right, off i go, then. as ever or as usual, i do hope that some if not all of these images have been of some degree of interest!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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