Thursday, May 25, 2017

just a question of Barbs

hello there

during the course of one early evening in the recent past, as opposed to the distant future, i found myself watching one of the two dreadful quiz shows what BBC 2 broadcast at that time. they are, for those that do not know, Debatable and Eggheads, look you see. both are poorly paced, presumably under the misapprehension that they are creating tension, and thus neither are particularly enjoyable. but, i was quite lazy and they happened to be on.

of the two mentioned it is Debatable in focus here. what's the gist or purpose of the show? quite difficult to nail, as it happens. Discussion would perhaps be a more apt title. a member of the public is presented with a question by a host characterised by his exceptional Irish accent. this member of the public is then encouraged to have a stab at what the answer might be (from a choice of three or four, depending on the round number) before listening to three marginal celebrities or other such figures of note discuss what they might think to be the answer.

so yes, in one such round of the above recently, no less than the lovely Barbra Streisand was the subject of a question. well, a facet of her luxurious and opulent life, at the least.

indeed pictured above are the three theoretical people of note, or if you prefer celebrity debaters who seem to discuss rather than debate. no, me neither, so i would not worry so much if you don't recognize them.

quite a diverse and evenly spread look across the contributions Barbs has made to the modern world, as you can see. covered, from top to bottom, are options for the truth which cover everything from her contributions to education through to her renowned signing and her exceptional film career.

many of you will, of course, know the truth of the options given. some shall not, and for your benefit the correct answer is revealed in the very next picture.

in terms of trying to work out the answer before then, well, let us try. as Barbs has a timeless beauty it is virtually impossible to understand her age. a shared faith with Neil Diamond, however, makes it possible that she was at the same school as him.

Donald Trump was more of a celebrity businessman than he was a President back in the 80s, a time known for Barbs not being particularly arsed about politics. she only really got interested when Bill got elected in 199whatever, when she went for regular sleepover "slumber" parties with him. whilst this answer is remotely plausible, it is highly unlikely that Barbs would ever have appeared on a show like The Tonight Show, as she is more classy.

so yes, as "C" was patently incorrect, the correct answer was A, that she went to school with Neil Diamond. and some dude what plays chess, from what i can recall, but that did not come up as an answer as such.

even the very worst of television quiz shows have some moments of interest, then. and these moments can happen when Barbs becomes the focus of a question.

right, time that i pressed on further into this world and all that i must do in it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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