Monday, May 01, 2017

did these work?

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well, blimey, May it is already, to be sure. as the first day of May is most commonly referred to as May Day, i trust you all don't mind the rather nautical approach i have taken to greeting you above. i'm not at all certain, look you see, and for many May Day comes from several origins, but i am fairly confident that all of them feature sailors.

no, sailors and the seas they cruise are not really the purpose of this post. well, perhaps they are. i mean, i am not sure. if someone could enlighten me or provide some information about what follows, then that would be just great if not grand.

recently i have taken to flicking through a few older editions of Viz whilst i wait for my PC to boot up, or update stuff. older, as in some 25 - 22 years old editions. yes, i keep them and indeed yes, they remain funny. whilst i would not wish to post any particular article from them, as i was looking i noted a couple of adverts. one which had always had some curiosity for me, even if they were more frequently absent from my conscious thoughts.

the above, and indeed the below, is/are taken from the celebrated "cheapskate's parade" section of Viz, where people who wished to advertise on the cheap could place a relatively small advert. most viewed such adverts with suspicion, suspecting them to be a scam.

as i have not tried out any of the items advertised, as in i never had the funds or the chequebook required in order to purchase them, it is not for me to say whether any of these items actually worked or did anything. i have, as said, always been rather curious if they did, though.

would i, however many years ago, been interested in obtaining this presumably pheromone suggested if not based product? put it this way, if you did a survey of late teen / early twenties gents of a heterosexualist nature if they'd quite like to attract more ladies, 55% would say yes and 45% would lie.

should they be real people and not made up, it would in particular be pleasant to hear from DT of Cardiff and SD of Nottingham, so as to know how they got on in the long term with this stuff. the advertising, however, seems somewhat misleading. as in, if you were in the company of ladies dressed as presented above, surely you would already not be having too many problems meeting them on a social basis.

and so on to how to beat the system, smash the state, etc.

at best, and i use the term wishing for another, i suppose the above leaflets were forerunners or contemporaries of The Anarchist's Cookbook and similar. i mean, i have not read them. and yes i have had a look, but so far as i can tell no one who may have bought them has taken the trouble to place the contents on the internet. also, 'CTX Books' seems to no longer exist, alas.

if that's correct, then from what i can recall of flicking through that infamous cookbook it was all a whole load of theoretical ideas. as in, maybe if you try this then x, y and z shall happen. a lot of it relied on chance, fate and untested scientific ideals for success.

still, it would be nice to know if anyone ever actually bought any or all of the above, and beyond. some of them do look like  they might have been quite handy, should they have indeed turned out to be legit.

that said, i do appreciate that i am on something of a hiding to nothing in asking. very few people take the time to leave comments on any of these posts, and those that do tend to do so on a far and few between basis. you never know, though, perhaps someone googling away for info on these things may drop by and share their thoughts.

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