Thursday, May 04, 2017

fett ice, or if you like boba freeze


yeah, go on then. if you write the date in a decidedly American way then you will surely know, look you see, that today is the day they call Star Wars day. in celebration of that here is, look you see, yet another item what i have purchased purely on the basis of it featuring Boba Fett, the third best character off of the whole series of films and thus my third favourite character.

more on the date thing and the ranking of Star Wars characters imminently, or as we go, since i will need some writing to pad out the pictures. not that many read the writing, i suppose. no, visitors tend to skip the text and just look at the images. that's fine. for now, though, here's a look at what i invested in this time.

quite, indeed yes this is a Boba Fett styled silicone tray designed for making ice in. or, if you prefer, a Boba Fett ice tray.

this represents something of a departure for the Star Wars proprietors when it comes to marketing things which pertain to both Star Wars and ice. usually it would be that anything ice associated is immediately marketed with an image or likeness of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. i believe one can purchase ice trays featuring that scene, but i have not seen them. well, not seen them at a price which would lure me into purchasing.

and what price lured me into purchasing Boba Fett in an ice tray form? it is not like i would have stopped to ask as such, but since in reflection we now are, a very reasonable £2.99. confirmation of that pricing, should it really be required, is in the below image. yes in Commodore 64 mode.

for the frequent if not regular reader of this blog, yes i did indeed purchase these at the exact same time as the Rogue One coasters, from the same proprietor too. no, they did not have any other Star Wars related things for me to buy. at the least nothing that i recall that was of interest.

whilst i am confident i have covered this ground before, there is only so much i can say of a Boba Fett ice tray, so why is today Star Wars day? it is all due to the American proclivity to state the month before he day. whilst we here in England - nay, the UK - would say today is 4th May, in America they say May 4th. and so today Americans say "May 4th be with you", which sounds a bit like one of the more famous lines off of the Star Wars films.

exactly why do the Americans do the date that way around? i have no idea. perhaps you should ask an American if you are interested, i suppose. here in England we presumably do it the way we do because most of our population can be trusted to have a pretty good idea what month it is, if not quite which day during it.

 a look at the back or bottom mould of the tray, along with some instructions quite handily in Chinese or Japanese? sure, why not.

as you can see one can make six Boba Fett related ce cubes at a time; three in the form of his helmet and then three in the form of his logo or emblem or indeed, should it be the correct word for it, livery. but i think livery is all colours and fonts and other such matters.

right, there is not a great deal else i can say about Bob Fett ice cubes until we get to the business end of the actual ice. this is coming soon, but for now a sneak look at a future post. and, whilst we are at it, a look at the top Star Wars characters.

in respect of the top three Star Wars characters, it is widely agreed that number one is Lando, number two is Lobot assistant to Lando and number three is Boba Fett. what a delight it is, then, that number two and number three out of the top three appear in the above image of one of them collector card things, along with a couple of minor background characters.

questions must be asked of what purpose Boba Fett ice cubes would serve. i don't know about the remainder of the world, but here in England ice cubes are not something one would generally study, observe or show off. instead we kind of just let them do their thing. it would not be considered polite - in fact it would be seen as rather rude - for a guest to examine the ice a host had given them. by the same margin or token, it would be something of a social faux pas for a host to show off the size and dimensions of ice cubes they were presenting to guests.

i guess, then, they exist just for the humour and entertainment value of the person what bought and subsequently now owns the ice tray. which, in this instance, would be me.

yes indeed, there you go - six blocks of Boba Fett ice fresh out of the freezer, or at least they were at the time i took the above picture.

this really might steal or otherwise betray the thunder of the next image, but if you are looking at the above and thinking that aerial or antenna or whatever it is on Boba Fett's helmet looks decidedly fragile, it is and it did pretty much snap off all three cubes when i popped them out of the tray.

and here is the picture of the ice which illustrates that.

do i hold any regret or any other such lament about purchasing this Boba Fett item? no, not at all. at least not of a nature that i would wish to share in such a way that would dampen or harm the vibrant atmosphere associated with celebrations of Star Wars day. i mean, so what if the weather hardly justifies using ice in drinks? also it does not really matter that i don't get many, if any, visitors, and those that i do would be unlikely to wish to have ice that they can ignore presented in a drink.

but still, it is a most splendid, well crafted and most delightful item of Boba Fett branding and merchandising. so what if Disney, the incumbent owners of Star Wars, feel no need to place him in films where he would make sense to appear, like Rogue One? they are still keen, eager and prepared to market the character to those of us who for some reason like him, so happy days.

right, then, i guess that shall just about do it for my contribution to all of this Star Wars day business. no, i shall probably not be watching one of the films or doing much in the way of stuff related to the film with the remainder of the day. but you by all means crack on and get on with all, should it please you to do so.

and whatever you do, thank you for making part of your day stopping by here to have a look at all of this!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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