Saturday, May 06, 2017

hello hydrated hair


so yes, indeed, look you see, this will be another post or if you like musing on the subject of some shampoo i have bought. as usual, or indeed as standard, i write about a shampoo that i have not yet used, but all the same purchased with every intention of using.

there are those who suggest that one, or if you prefer you, should not buy too much shampoo in advance, as it would be wasteful if all the hair on your head fell out before you got the chance to use this. it's a fair point, but i don't anticipate it happening to me. besides, should that happen then i suppose i could just use the new shampoo on my beard, or maybe my chest hair.

anyway, it's bought now, and here is a look at the new shampoo. a somewhat controversial look, too, as you, the more regular reader, will observe if not overtly note.

no the above is not an error, or mistake, or indeed act of folly. i have elected to mix things up a bit, and that is why, ladies and gentlemen, the above image is in Nintendo Gameboy mode rather than my usual Commodore 64. controversial and challenging i know, but it would just get stale and boring if i did the same old thing again and again.

for those curious, and i would have no idea as to why you would be, indeed behind the new shampoo is a bottle of peppermint and eucalyptus body wash. whilst we are here may i say that it is superb, with the peppermint - despite my anticipation or expectations - really truly accentuates the eucalyptus qualities.

but here we are with shampoo. and, as you can see in this non-gaming technology based image of it, this new shampoo of mine does indeed have coconut in it. this is something of a change from my passion for having lemon in shampoo, but as above and so below, you have to mix things up from time  to time. even if in my world moving from lemon to coconut is not all that much of a mission.

when one thinks coconut one, quite naturally, thinks Harry Nilsson. his magnificent song Coconut, in the modern age normally referred to as "the song off of the end of Reservoir Dogs" but to me always a quintessential central part of the Nilsson Schmilsson album, has inspired me to try all sorts of things out over the years. why not have a go at using it in some shampoo, then?

in this case, though, the Nilsson connection to coconut wasn't really at the fore of my thinking. the predominant thinking behind obtaining this shampoo was of course the price, as this was quite cheap. £1 as i recall, but alas i do not have the receipt to hand. other than that it is all the promise the shampoo makes of water or other such aqua adventures which appealed.

as you can see in the above image when not offering a coconut scent this shampoo makes quite a fuss about moisture, moisturising and hydration. at this time in my life it makes sense to make sure my hair is covered in this respect and in this aspect of hair care. other than the fact that i am currently letting my hair go quite long, we are apparently close to nuclear war. this makes it important to have damp hair, since water shall be short.

before looking at this nuclear business, a traditional, somewhat classical image taken in Commodore 64 mode with the scan lines on? sure, but not of the shampoo - here's something which claims to be fruity.

another shower gel, then. oh, yes, the shampoo is on display in Commodore 64 mode with scan lines on, sorry. but the shower gel, man. how could i resist it when it offered a mix of dragonfruit and vanilla? these two items are surely at the pinnacle of peak performance for body wash content, except of course that eucalyptus remains the best that you can do.

so, anyway, nuclear war.  whilst normally i avoid the news (i have seen and lived through enough of it, thanks) it is hard to escape the fact that some countries - the United States of America, North Korea and Russia in particular - are getting a little mouthy and quite lippy. normally this isn't a problem, but these three have nuclear weapons and incumbent leaders who strike me as being very much of the "what happens if i press this button" form of curiosity.

according to the many documentaries i have seen on what happens after a nuclear war - with particular emphasis on Threads, The New Barbarians, Mad Max 2 and Cherry 2000 - there are any number of unpleasant and downright nasty consequences to life after an exchange of nuclear weapons, no matter how brief that exchange is. whilst some of them i am looking forward to (the bit where you ride around on a motorbike with the rear of your trousers torn off), there are many i am not. the lack of water would be the biggest negative.

so, then, balancing out the prospect of my hair falling out and making shampoo superfluous against the chance of keeping my hair yet facing a nuclear blast which knacks water, i decided that getting a shampoo which could securely hydrate my hair was wise.

the above is a final image in Commodore 64 mode, but not any old Commodore 64 mode. this is what my new(ish) phone produces to that effect. quite Commodore 64 like, but sadly lacking in scan lines as an option. hey ho.

hang on a minute. something has occurred to me. or maybe dawned on me. unless i am mistaken and thus have been doing something wrong, does one not use water when washing their hair? surely, then, the water one uses to wash hair with does the job of hydrating it? oh well, perhaps this shampoo just makes it all wetter, or ultra-hydrated.

anyway, time for me to press on with things to do. as and when i get around to using this shampoo i will, if it turns out to be particularly pleasing or distressingly displeasing, be sure to post some sort of review here. should it turn out to be fairly average i suppose i won't trouble the time of anyone with it.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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