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my mobile, portable, compact and usually wireless phone is, by the standards of this current world, normally quite the hive of inactivity. whilst only a select number have my, erm, number it is but a mere fraction of those that actually use it. this is certainly advantageous in leading a quiet, normal life. it also means that when sounds or vibrations alert me to something coming in on my phone then usually it is of interest.

whilst i could highlight the above with a few choice examples, in this instance for the most part i shall illustrate it, look you see, with some images if not pictures which my brother sent me.

should the above strike you as looking very much like a pig in a field that would be because it very much is a picture of a pig in a field. not any old pig, though. for a start this is a young one, so far as i can work out. and also it has a name, and that name, Richard assures me, is Koos.

for what reason is Richard sending me images of a pig? well, now that is a story. it just so happens that he is the incumbent owner of this pig, or present custodian depending on how you are in terms of possessions, ownership, etc.

and just how did he come to be custodian of Koos the pig? ladies and gentlemen, this is Richard, as in the Richard. he won it in a game of pool. indeed, the mind does boggle as to what exactly he put up as his wager or stake in the match.

nope, the above image has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Koos, Richard, pool or pigs in general. my mate Fraser sent us that picture. as this is the first picture he has sent me for several years - probably close to ten - it is obviously important. i figured that if i put it up here then its importance could be celebrated and remembered somewhat.

so, back to Koos. no, i have no idea why exactly Richard would agree to a game of pool where the prize was a pig, but i have long since ceased asking questions or seeking reason in this regard. he just does that sort of thing.

as for what he will do with the pig, well, as the above reflects, Koos is now running around a farm. so far as i can ascertain he, for Koos strikes me as a decidedly male name, is enjoying his new domain. if it were possible for Koos to convey such emotions i have every confidence that Koos would be expressing delight that Richard was most triumphant in a game of pool.

the above picture, i would imagine, answers any questions you may have about how delighted the family of Richard are, or if you like is, about Richard's generally renowned skill and prowess at the game or sport of pool.

by all accounts, and in that i mean the one, it was a most splendid drive with Koos down from (i assume) the venue where the pig was won to the farm. and apparently yes, during the drive Koos did feel required to more than one proverbial call of nature. i am sure this was a great deal of fun to clean up.

and so that would be that. many thanks indeed to Richard for the latest insight into his world of adventure. also, of course, thanks indeed to Fraser for sending me on whatever exactly the other thing is.

kube kakhulu komunye nomunye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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