Sunday, May 14, 2017


hello there

one of the interesting traits of modern life is just how upset people get when "spam" email lands. oh, make no mistake, it is annoying, to be sure. it's just that the reaction to it, in particular when people get all "take legal action" is somewhat different to how we treated what could be called "old school" spam.

by "old school" spam i of course, look you see, mean junk mail. to this day junk mail comes through our doors, and yet no one seems to kick off about it quite  the same way they do as spam. strange, if not peculiar, as spam is an awful lot easier to dispose of and stop.

for what reason is this a point of departure for this post? Spiros apparently had nothing better to do that gather up a selection of items which at worst are "junk" mail and at best are unsolicited promotional adverts and send them on to me.

yes, behold and admire, for these are items that went through the letterbox of one of the several estates which Spiros resides in, and were handled by him personally. well, the main envelope in the background never went through his letterbox. note how Royal Mail seems to have abandoned franking stamps and has now taken to crossing them with a marker pen.

there is much of interest in this rubbish which Spiros sent me instead of simply recycling it or throwing it out. indeed yes, that is a promotional thing for the Lib Dems in advance of the forthcoming election. alas, no, Zac and the Conservatives have not sent him anything.

an item of great interest is that "blackjack strategy" card. Spiros, as the greatest legal mind of his generation, has no need for this. whenever Spiros goes into a casino he simply instructs the dealer to issue 5 cards up front, face down. he then proceeds to use his legal prowess to argue how he does indeed have an unbeatable 21. it is a case he always wins, and so clears out the casino.

Spiros does seem to get quite a few adverts for handyman services, does he not? quite useful, i suppose. that said, Spiros does, as regular readers shall appreciate, normally have no issue at all in meeting tradesmen and engaging in various exchanges with them.

overall i would suggest that my emotions are ones of being quite overwhelmed by Spiros sending me all of this. it is exceptionally kind and thoughtful f him to think that i, simple humble me, would be the best to benefit from these items.

and so anyway off i go for now, but i will be back. until then,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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