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to say that which i have once said before, this blog started off as a fairly simple thing to keep family and friends up to date with my exploits. from such humble wishes and intent it has gotten all sorts of out of hand, look you see, with somewhere over half a million people having come and had a bit of a gander. this i still find staggering in a highly flattering way. thank you all for the visits, and i hope you've found something of entertainment and interested. and, indeed, that you continue to do so.

quite the laboured introduction, that, to the words that this shall then be one of them "keeping family and friends around the world" updated sort of posts. and indeed yes, it is the update that most of you in those groupings would prefer.

of my immediate family unit there's 75% of the members you all like, with myself forming the "meh" 25%. from that 75% as 100%, the 66% you are most interested in hearing how they are getting on is undoubtedly formed by the boys, and so here they are.

i wouldn't really imagine you'd need me to tell you this, but yes, that is the two of them out and about shoe shopping. and yes, as my sister observed when she saw this, they do seem to be suspiciously smiling and seemingly well behaved for young boys out shoe shopping. well, i guess that's down to the provision of some building blocks, or if you like lego, by the shop proprietor. wise move.

now, the title of this post suggests adventures are to be looked at. unless you do it in a really interesting way i would suggest that yes, no, shoe shopping is not much of an adventure. well, from experiences i have yes it can be, but no.

on the other hand, climbing up a massive structure and then doing a boss slide is most decidedly an adventure. so it is just as well that they boys did something akin to this, and that i have some lovely images of the business end of that.

the above is William doing what he assures me is called the "leap of faith". apparently the rules at where they went to do this - Go Climb, i think - state that climbing is a one way street. as in when you get to the top you come down via this mega slide looking contraption rather than retrace your steps down.

indeed he was rather nervous about going down such a mega steep slide. it was not the lack of choice or option that saw him go down, however, but rather that he said he saw others doing it and, in his words, "not become pancakes", so he figured it would be safe.

James had little or no such hesitation, but then again he'd the advantage of being before. i think he went along to this most splendid looking place in celebration of the birthday of a friend. as he had so much fun there he requested that the sensational Harlo gang take him and William along. with this physical activity business being more their sort of thing than it is that of me or my (considerably) better half, they were most enthusiastic about doing so.

should there be a need to promote or encourage mountaineering in the world i would have every reason to suspect that this Go Climb place has hit upon quite the winner. the idea of climbing something like Mount Everest, or that massive one they have in Japan, is to me something that just seems expensive, exhausting and an awful lot of effort to go to just to say "woo hoo, look how high up i am". the idea of being able to slide down one of them after climbing it is, however, to me, exciting.

heading off to this Go Climb place with the Harlos was not the only adventure the boys got up to over the weekend just gone. oh no. as we are well and truly within the season for it, there was cricket to be played too.

second match of the season for James, and yet again another good performance. a wicket taken, some runs scored and in once instance the ball dispensed to the boundary for a four. as i have said before the most important thing in any cricket match is that the beauty and spirit of cricket wins. it was, however, a delight to see that James and his team went on to win this particular game.

as an aside, indeed yes i am distressed by news from Australia. whatever is going on with the cricket over there is apparently on the verge of the professional players calling a strike. this poses a threat to the Ashes, due to start or if you like commence in November. it is my deepest wish that this all be resolved and the much cherished series go ahead unblemished.

William, too, has taken quite a shine to cricket. whilst there are no organized team games for children of his age they are encouraged to come along and have fun. it is through having fun you learn the beauty and the ways of the game.

erm, yes. William has indeed elected to go with a rather sleek, stylish black clothed look for cricket rather than the tradition of wearing whites. not for us to question, i suppose, and who knows - perhaps he will start off a new trend for how all players dress.

apologies that the image looks quite small above. i can but show what i have, and the above was taken at some distance by my (considerably) better half. should you "click" or otherwise "tap" on the image, perhaps it shall appear somewhat larger and more easy to see, depending on the device you use.

a final picture for you for now of the boys, stood before a certain old school house. well, one still in use, but anyway.

the above was, in point of fact, taken one late Sunday afternoon during the later stages of April. we had recently attended a church service of remembrance, where some family members we have so sadly lost were commemorated and cherished in thought.

and so that would be that for this update on how the boys are getting on. keeping busy, as i suspect you have concluded from yourself, and loving life. just as is the way things should be.

i trust all is magnificently splendid with you, wherever you are and whatever it is you are up to, adventure or otherwise!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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