Monday, May 15, 2017

glad to be wrong, feel the love

howdy pop pickers

well, that's my pessimism about the modern world put a little bit in its place, look you see.

in my look at the latest Kasabian album, For Crying Out Loud (2017), i speculated that the album might not be a chart success in terms of all things number one. this was due to the bizarre, messy way in which charts are compiled, specifically with reference to multiple free plays on streaming services counting.

as it turns out, i was quite wrong.

nice one, lads from Leicester! i honestly didn't expect the Ed Sheeran stranglehold to be broken at the top for quite some time, but there you go.

happy days for Blondie, too, as getting in at number four is absolutely certainly no disgrace.

so that's quality and variety ruling the day in the album charts. it remains a huge shame that they have killed the singles chart for no good reason, but at least all is not lost.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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