Tuesday, May 23, 2017

a cigar from a sailor


many are the ways in which life twists and turns as it progresses, look you see. things come, things go. sometimes we like them, sometimes, alas, not.

it is in keeping with the above that, to be sure, my time as being an enthusiastic user of most splendid tobacco products, or if you like cigarettes, draws to a close. perhaps, since this is being written in advance of the publishing date by a few days, they have become drawn closed already.

undoubtedly more shall be spoken, or if you like written, of that by me in the days ahead, but for now let us concentrate on what we have. and what i have is, as the title of this post pretty much tells you, a cigar. from a sailor.

controversial, perhaps, but yes. i have indeed used the other other Commodore 64 camera mode that i have available for pictures; this one featuring dithering. whilst i am perhaps sinister looking in general, on the whole this mode does tend to make things seem all the more sinister. hence, i suppose, it not being used quite so much.

so, anyway, cigar. this was indeed a most splendid gift, as said numerous times already, off of a sailor. as gifts are so prone to be it was of course an unsolicited offering, with the proposition of being given one occurring at a social soiree within the grounds of the sensational Harlo residence.

at this stage you are probably skipping over all of this text and are simply seeking a clearer image of this cigar. let me not stand in the way of this a moment longer.

don't say i do not put any effort or thought into the images for this blog. in truth, yes, i did indeed wear my outrageous, often provocative "anchor" shirt especially for the purpose of the above image. it just seemed to me to be appropriate.

the regular readers of this blog might well be somewhat confused, if not taken aback, by this. such an instance as this - a short term but mutually beneficial friendship being struck with a sailor that resulted in a gift - would be an activity that you'd associate with Spiros. whilst i have every confidence that Spiros has indeed engaged in such an exchange at some point, i am not familiar with any specifics. as point of fact i really do rather discourage him from telling me the gifts or other such "special tricks" he and his chums share.

and just where did this sailor - a naval officer, no less - obtain this cigar himself? i say himself for yes, he was a sailor of the gentleman variety, or if you like a seaman. the Netherlands, or if you like Holland, as it happens. but of course yes i made a passing reference to the song Port Of Amsterdam, recorded by David Bowie and others. alas no, he did not pick up on it. never mind the fact that he would be too young to be aware of it; in all likelihood his parents were possibly born at some stage after the David Bowie recording.

is it that the Dutch are renowned or celebrated for their cigars? not really. my suspicion is that the provenance of this cigar goes to Havana, or possibly some other, most likely South American, concern. Europe is not really known as a hotbed for producing the quality of tobacco plantations required for cigars.

have i smoked this cigar as such as of yet? no. generally smoking cigarettes is the most unpopular and frowned upon thing in the world here. i do not think i would do my name and reputation any favours if i were to go for a stroll puffing away on this beauty.

yeah, go on then, above is a "classic" Commodore 64 mode with scan lines on image of me and the cigar for you. that has something of an accidental 3D feel to it, so it does, to be sure.

my exceptional and most prestigious thanks once again to the young naval officer who presented me with this most spectacular gift, then. should i ever ignite it - perhaps with one of my matches from Mumbai - i shall surely record the moment and share it here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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