Wednesday, May 03, 2017

what happens if i press this one?

hello there

one of those more if not serious then hopefully helpful posts off of me, look you see. it all relates to another instance of someone, as hard as it is to believe, putting something dishonest and, in truth, quite misleading onto the internet.

some of my travels around the internet see me use an old, quasi antiquated miniature laptop which runs a rather seriously outdated operating system. i tend to use it for casual browsing and, in truth, for when i am advised to go to a site which, to me, seems possibly suspicious. many of these factors see me get bombarded with all sorts of "pop up" adverts and such. several of these attempt to mislead me into sharing private and confidential information.

the most recent such incident or episode of this is here in a screenshot for you. a screenshot that seems somewhat small as i "upload" it and write; perhaps if you click on it this will make it bigger and easier to see.

to the trained or in the knowledge eye the above is of course clearly quite fraudulent. but you can only know what you have learned, and many might be misled into thinking this is real. a factor which makes this possible is the fact that "facebook" appears in the address of the website.

for those who do not know, this is not from facebook. the part of the address which says "" looks real, but it is what they call a "subdomain". the site you are really looking at is the one at the end, something called "". the owner of that has simply set up a subdomain on the assumption that no one will look past the fact that it all seems like facebook.

other telltale signs are right there too. Microsoft and Facebook are two entirely different companies, sharing only a love of money and market size. and yet for some reason this wishes you to believe they are in fact one in the same.

also, it has my operating system laughably wrong - Windows 10 and i are strangers, thank you. whilst i have blanked them out, the IP ("technical" number address for my internet connection) and location were wildly incorrect.

it might be worthwhile or amusing to get a disposable, "burner" SIM card for a phone and call the number above, just to hear what rubbish they have to say about my account being closed. don't use your actual phone to call it, whatever you do.

so, if you've come across something like this on the internet, i promise you it is fake and fraudulent. simply close the window showing it down and move on with your life. do not, under any circumstances, give them your details.

hope this helps someone!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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