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what a time it is to be all alive, look you see, for those who have a serious dislike of changing lightbulbs. whereas once such people were perpetually vexed by how frequently lightbulbs popped and subsequently needed changing, we now live in a far more enlightened era, where such things have formidable longevity.

there are quite a few benefits, or if you wish to be more casual about it perks, to this. everything is now oh so more efficient with this form of lighting. with the environment in particular benefiting tremendously. this is quite good, if not as point of fact superb.

one possible down side to this is, however, when you procure a smart new bulb in advance of the one in use expiring. invariably this means that one must wait for a formidable passage of time before one can bask in the splendour of a particularly interesting lightbulb purchase.

indeed yes, this is exactly what has happened to me over the course of this year thus far.

whilst i have every confidence in the clarity of Commodore 64 mode with scan lines most decidedly on i am all the same happy to confirm that yes, the above is my bedside lamp. also, yes, that is it switched on, and further switched on with a recently replaced bulb.

indeed i am troubling you, who for some reason is reading this, with such information because i believe it is of some interest if not significance. the above reflects, in a quite highly reflective way, the debut ignition of a smart lightbulb i picked up, as hinted at earlier, quite some time ago.

and here it is, or at least here it is resplendent in the packaging in which it came.

no, it is not just an ordinary or standard lightbulb as such, it is rather an antique one. well, not actually an antique one, but an antique styled one. presumably manufactured as a tribute to a time when lightbulbs were made to look like this as a standard. which was, presumably, some time ago, as i can certainly not recall ones like these from my youth.

provenance of this antique bulb? Poundland, for £1, ladies and gentlemen. don't look for it, it's not there any more. i made my purchase in early to mid December 2016, and have not seen them as being available since that date. so either they sold out, they were withdrawn from sale or i just imagined it all.

actually, sorry about that dictating terms thing above. you are of course free and indeed very welcome to go right ahead and look for this sort of bulb if you so wish. my experiences suggest that they are no longer freely available to purchase, but then again perhaps my experiences will not be your own.

what appealed about this particular lightbulb? it's shiny. also, it struck me as being somewhat different from the norm, and the unusual is always something destined to catch the eye. that is, after all, how marketing and advertising works. in a broader sense, that's a rule of attraction, too.

fortune would of course have it that i spotted and subsequently purchased this bulb after only recently exchanging the one which was in place. it would have been rather wasteful to change it again, no matter how stylish it would have looked, so i elected to wait it out. and wait it out i did, from early December 2016 right through to the here and now of the end of May 2017.

how, after such a wait, does the bulb perform? rather well, as in it illuminates by my bedside enough that i may  read from a paperback novel, or if a little saucy the most recent edition of the Viz.

my (considerably) better half did, in truth, suggest that she thought it would perhaps be a little too dim in terms of light emission to be practical. whilst it is somewhat darker than what i had in place, that speaks more of the overt brightness of the previous bulb in place.

anyway, whatever flaws may exist are simply trivial. i quite like how this bulb performs, and it has made my world all the more of a better place. perhaps the fact that i was required, in a self imposed way, to wait so long to appreciate it has made it all the better.

explaining the performance of this bulb in terms of visibility is quite tricky, at least beyond the images you see here. the best i could do, i believe, is to say it echoes perfectly those murky orange street lights we used to have here in England back in the 80s. they are all stark white energy efficient things now, of course. once, though, they were planet bashing orange, and of such a shade that they served to enhance the senses of one being in Autumn when it was indeed Autumn.

as i have every confidence in the fact that i have now exhausted all possible comments of interest in association with this light bulb i guess that's that. thank you, as ever, for reading, and i can but trust that you have found this particular lightbulb to be as elegant and interesting to look at as i clearly have.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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