Monday, November 23, 2015

snow ties

hi there

apologies, if required, for less updates this month. it is, as i have moaned before look you see, rather cold up on this elevated shed of mine. also, i don't have all that much of interest to write speaks about these days, it seems. for sure, you could say that i've not ever had too much of interest, but now it seems to be acting like some sort of barrier.

anyway, snow. we haven't got any at the moment. there were hints of it over the weekend, but it did not lay as such. it tried, bless it.

the above is very much the view off of, or out of, my windscreen. when? approaching midday on Sunday. i was for the most part inside some shops when the sleet like snow fell, so alas didn't suffer in it or get wet from it. so yes, much of any possible entertainment for you from this has gone, i suppose.

how's the weather here? peculiar, somewhat. whilst the air is chilled, very cold and what some may well describe as crisp (hello, Faye), we oddly have a lack of iced over puddles or frost glazing the grass. just as well, i suppose, for if we did this snow would fall and very much lay where it landed.

has Spiros sent on anything of interest lately? why yes, he has. knowing how many keen enthusiasts for his exploits there are that read this blog, he felt that some of you for some reason might want a bit of a gander at his wardrobe; specifically the tie section.

is there any sort of bind to these ties? some common thread which weaves them all together? as it happens, yes, and that is one beyond all being owned by Spiros. it's about how and why he came to own them.

on those instances when Spiros is not starting fights with taxi drivers, or seeing what he can get vagrants to do for £1 a pop, he is as point of fact one of the most keenly sought after financial brains in the land. several parties consult with him to get his wisdom on matters, and they pay a hefty, suitable and most agreeable fee for this honour. which is just as well, considering how much he spends on ties.

each of these ties was purchased off of some sort of Waitrose Express store near that poncy flash place where all the b(w)ankers meet to discuss interest rates and things. he keeps turning up for meetings without a tie, which is something of a social faux pas, apparently. thus, he buys one which, normally for £50 or so a go. and then forgets it for the next meeting and has to buy another.

it's weird that they are so insistent on the tie thing, to be honest. i have yet to see any job done any better just because someone is wearing one, but there you go. what is particularly curious is that usually it's Scandinavian concerns which like to contract Spiros, and what i can work out from their film suggests that traditionally they wear very few clothes indeed.

a picture of sleety snow, or if you like snowy sleet, clouds gathering in the sky? surely. please note that this is a photo thingie taken at around 3pm one afternoon over the weekend, i forget if it was Saturday or Sunday.

yeah, it's off of my blueberry phone camera thing, so the quality is not so good. you can, however, at the least see how the slight blue sky of a mid-afternoon is desperately trying its best to break on through past the black clouds bringing forth icy rain like stuff.

well, with nothing much of consequence to write about at the moment i've padded this all out quite nicely, i believe. far too much, perhaps, so i shall leave it there.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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