Saturday, November 07, 2015


hi there

here we go again, look you see, with another one of them posts that highlight an arbitrary, perhaps abstract item i have found whilst unpacking stuff around the house. although, in fairness, my (considerably) better half unpacked this one.

i have a very great love of my smart pair of pliers. they are something i have missed over the last couple of years, and so i am delighted to have them back and ready for use. they are, of course, so smart that only a picture of them in Commodore 64 mode would be apt or in any way respectable here.

magnificent, are they not? for a brief history of them, they were purchased one day when, whilst driving around, my strength got the better of me and i snapped off the handle that had previously opened and closed the window on the driver side of my car. yes, dear younger reader, once upon a time there was no such nonsense as "electric" windows; one had to wind them up and down.

as luck, fate or chance would have it, i broke it off in the car park near a hardware store, and thus bought these. they were intended as a "temporary measure" until i got a new handle put on; i believed they served with distinction for two years before i got around to it. no doubt Jayson is looking after the car a good deal better than me.

further happy days were mine when my class screwdriver, socket and wire stripper set were found too. i am ready to tackle pretty much any DIY or construction job you care to name, then.

do or have i ever used my pliers for any conventional, intended reason? not really, no. i mean, i am not sure what pliers were invented for, but they've always done the job i ask of them. and i look forward to asking more things of them now, on this side of the equator.

one of those rare instances of a picture of myself that i actually quite like, look you see.

this was taken entirely by accident. i was attempting to switch the iPhone thingie off after taking the above picture of the pliers. somehow, however, i managed to switch to the screen facing camera and take a picture. hence the dazed look, i guess.

it nearly got deleted, but then i thought no, that's actually quite smart that is. i particularly like the sort of Japanese rays of the rising sun effect that our ceiling has in it.

what else have i been up to? yeah, i am trying to fill up the space around the picture for formatting reasons, purely for those of you who read this on a computer.

nothing much with pliers yet, as such. i took William shoe shopping, which was fun. also i bought that latest re-release of 1 by The Beatles (they are almost getting as good as Pink Floyd with re-re-re-re releasing the same stuff), purely so i could get the DVD. a full review "soon" here, but actually the CD is an improvement over the original issue, and the DVD is well worth getting. right, that should be texted wrapped around the picture, i can stop boring you now.

anyway, time for tea, Doctor Who and all stuff like that. it's been an exceptionally wet day here today, and the wind is starting to get quite the chill to it. should you be experiencing something similar, i trust your efforts to remain warm and dry are nothing short of a success.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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