Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Redcar Jazz Club - the secret of the sixties

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when something comes along that i am impressed with i do like to give it a bit of promotion or a push here, on the off chance that it is of interest to those that kindly take the time to visit this blog or otherwise "do a google" and find the info. yes, look you see, i know i am easily impressed, in particular by shiny things, but this one is a true gem.

when the subject of famous British clubs of the 60s comes up, the number one name that comes to mind would probably be the Cavern Club. that was, after all, Liverpool's home for The Beatles, the second greatest gift that fine city gave the world, albeit a close second to Frankie Goes To Hollywood. other than the Cavern, other clubs that come to mind would be down in London, in particular the Marquee and Ronnie Scott's. less well known around the world, i would guess, is the Redcar Jazz Club.

indeed, looking at these tickets here - for a start - that's strange. you are not reading wrong. these are not tickets for some sort of current day set of "tribute acts", these are the genuine bands that played at the Redcar Jazz Club back in the 60s. and more - many more - than are pictured here did. it would not at all be unfair to suggest that the only major act of the 60s (in regards of worldwide fame) not to have played at the Redcar Jazz Club was probably the aforementioned Beatles, but you would bet that one of their regrets is not doing so.

for full information you would be better off ordering, reading and admiring the splendid new book about the Redcar Jazz Club. in short, though, the status of the club was such that once a band had "cracked it" or "made it" in London, Redcar was the first step towards building up a name and an audience across the rest of the country. also, it was an important venue for well established bands with worldwide fame to check in at and do a gig. like, for instance, the cover star for the book.

yes, that is who you think it is. that's tassle jacketed, full on Tommy mode Daltrey from The Who, pictured performing at the Redcar Jazz Club in July 1969.

i've ordered this book for my Mum & Dad who were, with good fortune in retrospect, lucky enough to be regulars at the place. the book arrived in less than a week, and they say it's incredibly well written and the pictures range from fantastic to astonishing. no doubt they feature in the crowd in one or two.

as the book ships worldwide, and 'tis the season for gifts, i thought i'd do a post on it here. rock lovers, in particular of course proper rock lovers that love the bands of the 60s and 70s, will be dazzled and amazed by the intimate portraits of many of the legends of rock on display in this book. even if you've never heard of Redcar, the names of the bands and the images inside are quite something for music lovers.

yes, that is indeed an image of Daltrey off of The Who again to hammer home my point. what can i say, they are a favourite of mine. and if they are not of yours, well they should be and you need to try harder.

just so we are clear - i have no involvement or affiliation with this book. i'm just very impressed by what has been a clear labour of love for those who have created it, and what they have published is something that absolutely any music lover would be delighted to own. plus, i am well impressed with the shipping to the other side of the world - fast and really quite comparatively cheap. so go ahead and click here to order the book, either for yourself or as an awesome gift for someone.

hopefully this book will help Redcar Jazz Club get spoken about a lot more than it usually does around the world. the three clubs i mentioned above have an awesome, thoroughly deserved and understandable legendary status in music circles. the Redcar Jazz Club should stand as an equal to them.

many thanks for reading this, and nice one if you go and have a look at, and indeed order, this magnificent book.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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