Saturday, November 07, 2015

shower fun with Spiros

hey there

no, look you see, this blog hasn't taken a turn to content somewhat more adult in nature. as point of fact if that's what you thought was the case when you read the title, well, i can assure you, kind reader, that your filthy mind is at fault, not my superior use of the language that is mostly english.

i quite like, as it happens, filling out forms and things for people to send you free stuff. this was most recently witnessed with that whole Versace Eros thing which didn't quite work out, but Versace having an inferior product should not be something that stops me from seeing what else other want to give me. except in this instance it was something that someone would not give to me, but would give to Spiros.

Thames Water took to the web, or if you like internet, to announce that they would be delighted to send two items, gratis, to people that happened to be clients of Thames Water. i, as it happens, am not such a client, for i of course use superior Yorkshire water. as a man of several properties, Spiros is a Thames Water client, and it was but the work of a moment to fill in the form on his behalf.

how is Spiros getting on with these? not bad. he says the shower head is quite smart, and looks most impressive when he rides around on the tube with it shoved down his strides. the shower timer thing is sort of handy, but Sprios has this covered. he showers with at least one other man, sometimes more, and just adds the time of them all together to get extra time without exceeding the advised four minutes.

are Thames Water still giving stuff like this away? no idea. if you are a client - and they will clock if you are or not as you have to hand over your address for delivery - why not do one of them google searches and find out; get yourself a smart new shower head if they are.

it is frightfully nippy here in my elevated shed. more later, but i am off to get a jumper.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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