Friday, November 27, 2015

black friday frolics

hello there

well, look you see, i think it would be fair to say that this is the last we see of all this "black friday" business here in England. after the theatrics and fights of last year we English, it would seem, have decided that's quite enough of that. there has - some may say thankfully - been no crowds, no masses of people arguing and fighting over stuff and no real interest of consequence.

did i engage in any sort of black friday purchase? accidentally, yes. i bought an item at a toy shop (we do have birthdays and of course Christmas coming up) that was heavily discounted. it was, however, an item i would have paid full price for, had it been on the shelf and marked as such. but then, as it happens, also i ended up with this

yeah, nice one. that is the double disc blu ray set of Zombie Flesh Eaters, also known (and i know it as) Zombi 2. what's it about? pretty much what the name of it suggests, in truth. a film that very much does what it says on the box, if you like, in particular if you pay close attention to what the box says.

but first, as in before we get to that bit on the box you should pay attention to, a video clip of me watching the countdown clock prior to being able to order this.

i hope watching that was as exciting for you as it was for me. actually, i didn't watch it all that much; i wisely went off for a cigarette and so forth until it was closer to the time that i could buy.

for some reason, as you can make out in the above and in the next image (which blogger has placed sideways), amazon elected to make this deal exclusively available to their "Prime" customers for 30 minutes before "normal" customers (such as i) could buy it. only some 24% of the stock they had available at the special price was snapped up by these elite clients, which reflects very poorly on their taste.

will i ever become a "Prime" member? no. it's just not worth it. i don't order enough stuff from them annually to justify the fee (£80 a year), and all the stuff they have on this "instant video" business is stuff you wouldn't watch for free.

i imagine Amazon are banking on people throwing huge money at them so that they may watch whatever TV show it is that Clarkson and the two lesser ones have made. a lot of shops today, on a similar note, banked on thousands of people in England wanting to be part of all this "black friday" business this year, hence them having midnight or 6am openings, getting in extra staff, installing security measures and so on. one can hardly blame them for getting prepared after last year's farcical scenes, but in retrospect it's difficult not to say that they've, for the most part, totes overestimated demand an interest. oh dear.

another look at the countdown clock? it is decidedly so. this one, i think, shows the last few seconds that "Prime" members could get it, before us "Peasants" were able to do so.

and got it i did, dear reader. there was no last second mental rush from the elite Prime members to buy this set. actually, i think the percentage of people who had grabbed the deal had fallen from 24% to 22% by the time i got it.

a reverse of earlier in the week (for black friday now runs for at least 5 days) when i wasn't able to grab Lifeforce as a 2 blu ray set on account of the fact that it had gotten its 100% take up before i discovered it. oh bother. at least i didn't miss out on this deal.

oh yeah, all of that "does what it says on the box" business for you.

if you look carefully and closely you can see on the front a scene that depicts a naked lady and a zombie fighting a shark. that is indeed a scene from the movie - one that i suspect i've posted about here on this blog before. it's an epic, mega, boss scene, and pretty much the only thing i remember of it. that in itself, however, makes it worth having on blu ray. well, that and the awesome festival of bass song that plays as the shark gets knacked off the zombie and the naked lady.

i do already have a perfectly serviceable 2 DVD set of this film, in a very fancy box no less. i probably don't really need it upgraded to blu ray, but it's done now.

yes, i am thinking of things to write here so that text may wrap around the picture, for the benefit of those who are reading this on a PC or one of them tablet things. i think in another scene someone gets a nail rammed through their eye or something, but that bit wasn't as good as the bit with the shark.

i do believe us English far prefer our more civilised New Year's Day and Boxing Day sales, to tell the truth. this "Black Friday" thing is simply the American equivalent, and in truth should remain as a concern for the Americans alone.

should you have engaged or indulged in some black friday business, well, may it have been a most splendid success for you all. this is all the more the case if you happen to be an American.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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