Saturday, November 21, 2015

convoy conversations

hey there

indeed, dear reader, i am presently sat in my elevated shed dressed in a beanie and, look you see, a jumper. i do appreciate that i am rather overdressed, by Yorkshire standards, for the central elements of the barmy weather associated with November. the reasons for this over-dress of mine shall all become clear as you read on.

before today, and why i am being such a fanny and dressed as a nancy boy would in cold weather, last night. as i sat in this very elevated shed, or if you like loft, i had the pleasure of chatting to my brother via the electronic means of app of whats. we were, on our respective sides of the equator, both monitoring the same thing.

if you are looking at the above and thinking "that's from Middlesbrough vs QPR, one of the biggest and most eagerly anticipated matches of any given football season", you would be correct. whereas i sat and listened to the match on the radio Richard, in 28°C heat, had it on the tele over there. we don't have any of that pay tv stuff, thanks, so no i could not watch it on the tele myself.

but could i not have gone to the actual ground and watch? why yes, i could have done that. if, for some reason, i was of the same mind that the 20,000 at the game were and felt that the 0°C (as in zero, freezing, etc) conditions were no barrier to being outside.

how did the match go? Boro won 1-0, thanks to a penalty in the 93rd minute of a match which, by tradition, is normally if not nominally usually 90 minutes in length. i bet that somewhat annoyed the QPR fans who had made the journey.

after the match i happened to flick through the tv channels and look what i discovered was being broadcast on free to air television on our side of the equator.


that most certainly is a picture of a broadcast of Convoy, a film that Richard maintains is the greatest film ever made. this is not a view he has ever wavered or deviated from at all.

do i like the film? i would be sure this has been discussed on the blog before, but in terms of delivering an immediate answer, yes. i was at the forefront of us watching the film on repeat off of VHS when we lived in Australia, something which means i suppose i must shoulder some of the responsibility for Richard loving the film as much as he does. and there is a lot to love within the film. 

that, or this if it formats differently on the device which you are using to look at this, is indeed a recent picture of Richard. current, as of last night, as point of fact.

i have little doubt that Richard enthusiasts will be delighted with this to an equal measure to the amount by which they have been disappointed in the lack of pictures of him in recent times. the fact is that he's a very busy man indeed, and does not have as much time as he would perhaps like to twat around with selfies.

no, the moustache look is not one that he normally has. i believe he is doing all of that "Movember" stuff once more, in which some gents elect to grow a beard, or moustache, for the month in order to raise funds for an assortment of good causes. gents such as i, who have a beard on the go around the clock of every day of the year, are of course precluded from such festivities. i get left out of a lot, really - that one where you don't drink alcohol for a month, for instance, is something i kind of do anyway. much to the disgust, you would think, of pubs.

anyway, why am i dressed as a fanny today, in a jumper and beanie and what have you? because today we had the first snow of this winter season.

yeah, that's a few specks of the stuff landing upon the bird table. it has not laid upon the ground as such as yet, but there was quite a flurry of it for most of the morning. it made my usual stroll around the village all the more of a challenge, that i can tell you.

we've had icy winds since yesterday and the snow has been something of a natural element to this. snow in November is something which usually means we are in for a long, cold winter which will very much have snow at the forefront of its characteristics. more of the stuff is forecast for today and tomorrow, which shall make my further travels all the more fun.

a video of the snow falling? sure, if you wish for it then it is decidedly so.

snow is something which i have a peculiar if not strange relationship with. when living off in warmer climates it was something i missed, yet when i live with it i kind of find myself wondering why exactly i gave up the warmer climates of the planet which do not get troubled by snow. ultimately it's something which is part and parcel of being at home. still, it gives me something to take pictures and videos of to post here. 

yes, here's a picture of me if you want it, being a partial fanny in the snow. i went outside for a cigarette and wearing a smart jumper jersey warm jacket sort of thing seemed like a good idea. many thanks to my (considerably) better half for taking this picture.

would i not, you might ask, be better off simply not smoking if all i am going to do is be a complete fanny about it and wear warm clothes when i step outside for one? perhaps, but it is still something i really rather enjoy.

my (considerably) better half, who yes i know and understand that you all like far, far more than me, has not had a cigarette for two weeks now. exceptionally well done to her, and may it continue. i shall get around to stopping or cutting down considerably one day, possibly on the basis of earnest medical advice.

if this all seems far more poorly written than usual it could well be because presently my fingers feel frozen. i appreciate that this makes me sound like even more of a fanny and a nancy boy, but it really is that cold here. i think i am going to have to get one of them radiator things, or heater like product, up here in the elevated shed. it's either that or simply not come up here and do blog posts until Spring, since i am not going to get one of them laptop things just so i can do this in a part of the house that is warm.

how is Richard doing? good, really. i mean, sure, he's living with bridges collapsing, lengthy power cuts and now the added fun of them stopping water supplies across the Africa of the South at random, but otherwise all sounded good. nice one.

a further image of Convoy as broadcast on the tele last night to finish this off? certainly.

it would seem that very little of this post has been an actual conversation about Convoy. sorry. i can say that after noticing it on the tele i opted to have a browse around for the price of it on DVD or blu ray, and was stunned to find that it commands a rather high price. a price that means, alas, i shall rather stick to screenings of it on the tele rather than purchasing it.

right, i am off to find a warm corner of the house and defrost some.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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