Wednesday, November 11, 2015

a glimpse of wednesday

hey there

a post, look you see, that's not quite random, but also not one which is overloaded with either rhyme nor reason. it just is, and if it amuses or entertains then it has in itself explained why it is.

that went a bit philosophical there, somewhat. at the least, i suspect it went far too philosophical for the first picture what i have here for you, which features brand McDonalds, or if you like McDonald's. spell checker most decidedly prefers the latter.

i am led to believe that them Starbucks people are in a spot of bother; something to do with their Christmas cup. i haven't looked, and to be honest i am not interested. Starbucks make terrible "coffee", a taste which starts off bad and is made worse by the total spaz flavouring sauces they stick in them. let's instead, then, look at the McDonalds McCafe cup for the festive season.

yes, that's a penguin. wearing a bobble beanie and a scarf. yeah, think about that. appreciating that some penguins do indeed live in warmer climates, for i have seen them myself along the coast of the Town of Cape of the Africa of the South, traditionally it could be said that a penguin's natural habitat is the more colder sort of cold place. as in, evolution has done its thing and a penguin has no need for such warmth generating garments as a scarf or a beanie.

that McDonalds McCafe coffee tastes far better than anything Starbucks can muster should set alarms off for them. i mean, McDonald's do coffee as an accidental afterthought. by chance they somehow, then, make coffee better than some people who profess to be experts.

yes, the picture you see is indeed some of them items for e-cigarettes. no, the picture you are seeing is not a sign of the tide turning in my valiant efforts to quit / cut down considerably on the smoking front. these items are the preserve of my (considerably) better half, who requested that i get them for her.

how is she doing with all of that? exceptionally well. set aside the fact that she shames me for not following her fine example; it has been three days and counting since she has had a cigarette. well, had a real one. may she continue on this path.

me? these e-cigarette things are ok, but i take exception to the claim you can see here on the packaging which states they are "like smoking, only better". i really rather do prefer - and enjoy, whether you believe that or not - the real thing.

weirdly, Even Better Than The Real Thing by U2 was on the stereo as i wrote that. i am not sure if i typed it subconsciously then, or my stereo somehow managed to get that track to play as i wrote. boss if the latter, in all likelihood the former.

yeah, that is another picture of me presented to you without warning, sorry. i was just messing about with the camera phone thingie off of Apple, took this and sort of didn't hate it without being all that taken with the image.

i'm not sure much of this post has been a glimpse of today, although i suppose it has. i mean, for whatever reason that you may want to know such things, you now know that i at some stage had McDonald's, and indeed that i went to a shop of some description which sells all them fancy e-fag things.

and also listened to some U2, he says knowing a one sentence paragraph will pad the wraparound text on this picture quite nicely.

weirdly, although happily, i also conducted business with the post office today. twice actually. i posted something this morning, then bought something, then packaged that which i bought up and went and posted it. i suppose if i had managed my time a bit better, or thought on the subject some more, i could have just arranged to only go to the post office once, in the afternoon, and conducted my affairs in one shot. going twice, however, made my life seem marginally more exciting and interesting than it perhaps is. if, as point of fact, one considers visits to the post office as a suitable measurement for excitement and interest.  few, i suspect, do.

in terms of majority thinking, i would suggest that if a survey was taken which asked people which they found the more interesting out of me and my washing machine, my washing machine would be quite thrilled by the high percentage it pulled. to that end, i happened to be near it with my phone as it came to the end of its running cycle, so i have made you a video of the smart song it does.

electrical appliances which do a little song when they are finished doing that which they were built to do is, to me, exciting. when my age group was growing up we were assured that by the year 2000 machines would be doing all our jobs, right, and we would have this class life of utopian leisure. this has turned out to be total and utter bullsh!t, for us humans remain cheaper than machines and a good deal easier to replace. but that our machines now sing whilst only partially doing everything for us means that it is not all bad.

a picture off of Spiros to finish off? why yes. he is supposed to be sending me a picture of someone he saw that quite badly lost a fight to some cans of red stripe or similar, but for now here's one of that ZX Spectrum "re-created" machine they've made and are now selling.

he hasn't said as much, but i would take a guess that the finances of Spiros are now £99 lighter as a consequence of him buying one of these. me? no thanks. there were one or two decent Spectrum games, like one where you played as Vikings, but there were hundreds of excellent games for the Commodore 64. i will wait for the C64 version of this, then.

anyway, that will do for now. hopefully some of this has been of passing interest!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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