Wednesday, November 25, 2015

all is touched by the force

hello there

i did sort of promise, look you see, only to write something here as and when i had a matter of interest to inspire me to do so. well, that's not really happened as such, but all the same some of you might like this. and by like it, i mean as in you'll wish to go and get one, or you will see it as ample grounds for complaint.

it could well be the case that you have heard, in passing, that there is a new Space Wars film coming out, titled Episode VII : Mission To Moscow. there has been, it would perhaps be fair to say, more marketing of this film that is usual for a two hour space movie. the advertising and promotion of it has been so prolific that, so far as i am aware, the only Star Wars branded items that you cannot buy are tampons and condoms. but, then, i've not looked.

Tesco have whole-heartedly got in on this act. here, have a look, you see what i got today for £1.

yes, indeed. that is a reusable shopping bag, or if you like a "bag for life". an interesting element to it is that it only has copyright attributed to George Lucas on it, rather than Disney. perhaps this is some old stock they have dug out to opportunistically sell. and no bad thing if so, for it's smart looking and probably would encourage the people to use them rather than badger killing plastic bags.

did i actually need a bag? no. i just couldn't help myself. that's a smart bit of artwork, that is, for £1. besides, i fancy i will look quite class going off and shopping with it.

i'm not so sure about you, but i'd not noticed just how priapic the placement of the lightsabre on Luke is in this image. very well done and sneaked in, arty type person.

this is, if i recall, the poster for the film that was used when it was first released, hence the lack of any Episode Whatever subtitle on it. it's interesting to remember just how pivotal and essential Peter Cushing's character was to the film - Grand Moff Tarkin or something like that. weirdly he only got a brief cameo in the prequels. if they are really going to do a whole load of "anthology" films about characters, it would be smart if they did one of him. he was, after all, someone who could boss Darth Vader around, yet had no special Vulcan force powers.

indeed, for your viewing pleasure, here is the bag in Commodore 64 mode. scan lines on, of course. is it interesting to note that the power of a Commodore 64 was something people using computers could only dream of having access to one day when this first Space Wars film was made? yes, it probably is if you like the history of computer power and stuff like that.

well, if you want one of these bags and you live somewhere within the realm of the United Kingdom i would imagine any fair to middling sized Tesco will sell you one. i, as mentioned, paid £1, but they probably charge more down in London for them.

live long and prosper!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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