Tuesday, November 03, 2015

gertcha ready for Christmas

hello there

indeed, look you see, i do appreciate that we are still in the very early stages of November. for many this represents a time which is "too soon" to prepare for Christmas. you know the sorts, the ones that bemoan and decry the fact that shops start offering Christmas stuff for sale months before the day. i have always just taken it as a given that these people have a peculiar disability which means they like totes have to purchase every item they see, and that's why this upsets them so.

me, personally? as opposed to me, channelling someone else? i just get the Christmas stuff as and when i see fit, although usually well in advance of the time it is due. like, for instance, today, when i was presented with an irresistible Christmas related purchase.

actually, in truth or if you like as point of fact, it was yesterday that i was presented with this temptation. i slept upon the matter, and then i elected to purchase it today.

what is it? as you can see quite clearly in the quality of Commodore 64 mode, it is the Chas & Dave Greatest Christmas CD. Poundland have it on offer, for £1 no less, amongst other celebrity Christmas compilations.

surely, it was decidedly so that they had other Christmas CDs that i may well end up purchasing - at least one featured Mr Sinatra on it, as too did one feature The King, Elvis Presley. but little or nothing in this world quite says "Christmas" as does "Chas & Dave". or, at the least, the Christmas that i love and yearn for. two happy go lucky cockney lads, sat around the "old joanna", singing with relevant harmony some tunes that all can join in with. normally, if not usually, down the pub, or if you like rub a dub.

this picture? mostly ignore it. i for some reason felt compelled to fill up the water for my windscreen wiper jet thingies in total darkness, and so i was required to take a picture with my smart blueberry to get some light and ensure that the mix was going in the requisite storage tanker, and not where the oil or something should go.

my still relatively new car is the first one i have had since the mid-90s which features working windscreen washer jets. i have no idea at all why they stopped working on my other cars, but i am prepared to accept that it's possible that i simply never refilled the tank where the fluid for them should go. being able to see where you are driving has, for me, always had something of a limited appeal, but here in England they take driving laws quite seriously and thus i am compelled to make it so that one can see clearly through the windscreen as i drive around, lest the constabulary stop me and ask me what i am playing at.

but, you want Chas & Dave, so Chas & Dave is what you shall have. what tracks are on the CD that constitute the greatest Christmas what Chas & Dave can give you? these.

there are some songs i am well familiar with, whilst there are also some i have never heard of. off of the top of my head, Coventry Carol is one that i am entirely unfamiliar with, and i have every reason to suspect that The Rockin' Carol is a Chas & Dave original, or possibly a Status Quo cover.

this below view, that of an expert discussing the ramifications and the possible outcome of the State appeal against Stumpie's trivial sentence earlier today, brought back some memories. no, not of the trial or of the horrendous crime which was committed - have a close look at the image.

yes, you are seeing what you are seeing. them there are two flasks on the sideboard. due to the chronic, seemingly irreversible problems with electricity supply in South Africa, this chap - as we did, keeps a couple of flasks of boiled water on the go as an ever present.

could you not just, the first world asks, go without hot water until the power came back on? well, not when you have children, not when the power goes out so frequently and not when you have no idea at all when the power will be back on - and it has been known to go off for days.

generally, i don't preach to others and their first world problems as to how really bad it can get when the infrastructure of a country really collapses. genuinely, i am happy that they do not know of it, and may they never, ever have to experience it. for my dear friends and family in SA, well, i can only hope that the damage is not irreversible, and they get the stable, everything works as it should country they deserve, sooner rather than later. and speaking of working...
another picture to ignore. after i filled up the correct tanker, or possibly the oil, with window cleaning fluids, i couldn't work out where the stick that holds up the bonnet ("hood", American readers, "hood") goes, so i took another picture. i was none the wiser, so i just put it where it felt right and slammed the bonnet down.

i have, i confess, got a little bit carried away with the fact that i have armed, fully operational and working jet thingies that fire water on my windscreen. i may well have fired off a year's worth of water on the windows within a couple of months, just because i get a little bit of a thrill to press the button and see them work. never, ever lose sight of the value of the happiness that the smaller things in life can bring.

the Spiros approach to windscreen cleaning liquid? he basically has his on all the time when he is driving. he likes the fact that the wind, and velocity of his car, ensures that pedestrians get wet. he also drives around with one hand on the horn, and with his window down, so that he may comment on the lack of ability and sexual habits of his fellow motorists. it's always boss driving around with Spiros, man, you are virtually assured of seeing him do some class fighting at some point.

a look at the cover of my class Chas & Dave Greatest Christmas CD, only not in Commodore 64 mode? i can do that for you with the greatest of pleasure. 

have i played it yet? no, too soon. i may open it up and make a tape of it for Mum & Dad, so that they may spread the sound of a Chas & Dave Christmas across New Zealand. also, Poundland had what i would call a substantial stock level of this recording, so i may well go back to get more and hand them out as gifts.

anyway, that will do for now. time to retire for the evening, and contemplate what adventures i may engage in.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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