Sunday, November 29, 2015

meat, shampoo and base

hi there

wow, we are rather close to the end of November, look you see, and the post count for the month is well low. proper low, if you like. if only it were a case of this being quality over quantity.

i have, as i am prone if not compelled to do, been engaged in some activities in the realm of commerce this weekend. with very little else of consequence or interest to share with you at the moment i thought i'd throw some selected highlights out here for those of a mind that is interested in such things.

quite a bit of this is off of Tesco, where strangely i have ended up twice this weekend. first up, another bag off of them, but not the Space Wars one from earlier in the week. one that does, however, nail some colours quite firmly to a particular mast.

we live in a world where Tesco bashing is very popular. whether it's doing mentalist sandwiches featuring cherries, chocolate and cinnamon or discontinuing their range of tablet computers, basically anything they do attracts criticism and lambasting. i can so see that happening with this very smart bag.

forming the word "meat" out of images of the various animals which they have slaughtered to feed their customers is very special in itself, but calling it glorious is something of a magic touch. i am guessing that the above bag is why one cannot easily buy CDs or Morrissey or The Smiths at Tesco. whilst i have no issue or quarrel with the bag, one can surely see the more militant wing of the vegetarians having a go about it sooner rather than later.

away from controversial statements on bags, and indeed away from Tesco for a moment. here, in the glory of Commodore 64 mode, is some smart new shampoo which i got off of Pound Land.

it is, as you will possibly see later, purple. it seems to be constructed from mulberry, which i have heard of, and acai berry, which i've not heard of. blogger hasn't heard of acai berry either, for the spell checker thing is telling me that whatever it is i was trying to write is wrong.

this marks a whole new exciting direction for me in shampoo. up to now i have, as regular readers are surely tired of being aware, i have had a preference for shampoo that has predominantly tree based things shoved in it, be it lemon or apple. to delve into the world of bushes and plants that offer berries is something of an adventure.

i've heard of this alberto balsam lot before, too, which is a good thing. as i have heard of it i shall take it as a given that they are a most smart hair product brand, and this shampoo will make my hair like totes awesome.

back to Tesco for now, then, and a rather smart looking pair of headphones. headphones that i probably didn't have any urgent need for, but they were half price at £2.50 so i thought why not.

there would seem to be an interesting typo on the packaging, which might explain why they are being offered so cheap. i am not at all sure what "rich base" is in respect of high quality sound, but i suspect the word they were looking for was in fact "bass".

where and when will i use these? i am of a mind to shove them in my bag so they are handy to grab at verk from time to time. every now and then, you see, our resident DJ at verk goes off on one and plays a whole load of rubbish. headphones and a selection of finer music are very handy at such times.

a closer look at the bag with the word "meat" made of the animals they kill to produce cuts of meat for people to buy? sure.

i now have 2 or 3 of these bags. they are smart, they are. sorry if you are a vegetarian and that upsets you, like, but it is quite class how they have made the word "meat" up. it will have taken some working out to do, that will.

an absolutely massive picture of my smart new shampoo to finish? sure.

right, that will do for this post, for posts today and quite possibly for posts for the month. let us see if more of them come along in December, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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