Friday, June 27, 2014

six months in a leaky boat

hi there

for some reason the term of phrase, or if you like measurement, six months came to mind, so i thought it would be an idea to post Six Months In A Leaky Boat here. 

it's a song by Split Enz, a band somewhat unfairly underappreciated across the world entire, but still all the same embraced in their homes of Australia and New Zealand. an allegation often thrown at Split Enz was that the brothers Finn, being Neil and Tim, rarely did much than "cheeky" reworks of other songs. maybe, but then again that has not done the likes of U2 or Oasis any harm at all. also, the lyrics for the Split Enz ones, no matter where they borrowed the music off of, were rarely short of spectacular.

smart that song is, if you played it, thank you for not using an Apple device with Safari to read my blog, since that does not allow one to play videos. also, hope you enjoyed it. this video is a one off performance for a TV show in Aus, might well have been for the king himself, Hoges, before he went off and did all of that crocodile thing.

no, i don't claim any copyright or any of the things that people like to put on videos they post, but i can offer you this link which lets you go and buy all their class music.

other than being a super catchy song, Six Months In A Leaky Boat has perhaps more history (never repeats) to it than any other song off of Split Enz or any other Finn related tune.

despite not being a major hit in the UK (it barely made the top 100), a request went out to radio stations in the country not to play the song during that whole England vs Argentina thing in the Falklands. certain elements of the British press took this ban and, for reasons best known to themselves, interpreted it as being a clear sign that the song then must have been about the conflict, and further more - as the band were Australian or summink, innit - must be anti-British in nature. thus, the idea that Split Enz were anti-British spread a bit, and any chance the band had of success over here, which was slim anyway, went away. robbing "the kids" of some quality tunes.

the idea that Six Months In A Leaky Boat had anything to do with the Falklands is, of course, tosh. although if you listen to and interpret the song as anti-war, it's really rather genius. alas, no. it was written and recorded months before the conflict, and has nothing to do with it. references in the song, such as, for instance, Aotearoa, kind of give a clue what it's about, but that got overlooked in favour of a story that could allow for some good, no-nonsense, old fashioned Aussie bashing. well, we did, after all, field Botham against them in those days.

is it the best ever Split Enz song? it must be close to it, although my personal choice shall always be I Got You, a stunning opus of pop music.

anyway, give the song a play, enjoy, and i shall carry on recalling six months.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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