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when the Bell Ends......

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for some peculiar reason, certain parties are trying to hold these two responsible for all that is wrong with the world of heavyweight boxing.

the Klitschko brothers hold between them all the variants of world champion that currently exist. and they have earned them, to be honest. why world boxing being in a weak state is down to them i cannot work out - they are not responsible for the farcical red tape and poor admin from the various "governing bodies" and they are certainly not at fault for the lack of credible opponents.

why they bother to keep going in the sport must be down to a great passion. they try to be respectable and are indeed passionate about the sport, but whenever a big bout is lined up - particularly, i am sorry to say, against British fighters - they for some reason seem to get painted as the bad guys.

and, of course, rubbish like this happens.

not content with his pre-match girlie slap, for some reason, and i use this in the broadest sense possible, 'title contender' Chisora decided to spit in the face of Vitali Klitschko. how pathetic. i, nor anyone else, would not have had a problem if Klitschko called in the ref at that point and had Chisora thrown out of the ring. did the lad want a title shot or not?

as for the actual bout itself, well, Klitschko clearly had the better of it, but he did not knock out this Chisora fellow. quite odd, as Chisora had, i am led to believe, lost 3 of his previous 4 fights with considerable ease and comfort.

again, this idea that's circulating that somehow the Klitschko brothers are responsible for all the flaws in boxing at the moment is crazy. if they are not knocking out opponents, after all, then there is every chance that they themselves can be beaten. the, for the want of a better word, "best" if Britain's boxers could not do this, one wonders what has happened to the supply of legendary, great and formidable American heavyweights.

the other British heavyweight not to be knocked out by a Klitschko was, of course, loudmouth David Haye. he was at the bout commentating, but of course it is his antics after the event which caused some interest. it could be for that "incident" as to how and why you have found this page, wanting to read more.

with many thanks to the BBC for providing this, here is the transcript of the sorry, sad and indeed pathetic events which happened at the press conference after the bout. well, sorry, sad and pathetic, but also mildly amusing.

Bernd Boente, manager of Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko: With the bad experience we've had with British fighters, we will now look for other countries. Contrary to David Haye, Dereck Chisora really went for it. He really tried.

David Haye (from rear of the room): You don't want to fight David Haye, no?

Boente: You had an offer. You didn't accept it. Now you are out. You are out. Out, out, out. You cannot talk yourself back into the fight; you have no belts. Chisora showed heart, contrary to you. You showed your toe [referring to Haye's toe injury].

Haye: I accepted your offer in December.

Dereck Chisora
: We'll get it on in London - be quiet. David Haye is an embarrassment, Sky Sports don't do Box Office any more because of David Haye. He messed it up for all those young fighters coming through. I'm going to give you two slaps for that. If Haye is a fighter, he should fight me.

: You've lost three fights in a row (actually three of his last four).

Chisora: Let's fight.

Chisora's promoter Frank Warren: I've got a great idea. If Dereck fights David, the winner fights Vitali.

Boente: Sounds like the perfect plan.

Haye: Vitali said he could knock me out, do you think you can knock me out?

Chisora's trainer Don Charles
: Be quiet, can security get him out of here?

Haye: Vitali said after his last fight, 'I want to fight David Haye'. Where is he now? He said he wanted to fight me, I agreed the money, I agreed everything in December.

Chisora: How's your toe? How's your toe? How's your toe?

Haye: You've lost your last three fights, you lost to Tyson Fury. You're a loser.

Chisora: Tell that to my face. I'm coming down, tell that to my face.

Chisora leaves his seat and approaches Haye at the back of the room, where a melee ensues. Haye at one point picks up a video camera tripod and swings it.

The two are eventually pulled apart before Chisora returns to the front of the room.

Chisora: (Shouting and indicating towards Haye). He glassed me. I swear to God, David, I am going to shoot you. I am going to shoot you. I am going to physically shoot David Haye. He glassed me. He glassed me. He glassed me. I'm not having it. He glassed me.

Haye's trainer Adam Booth approaches Chisora, his head bleeding.

Chisora: (Referring to Booth's cut) I'm sorry about that. Adam, your fighter glassed me.

Booth: I want to know who glassed me.

Chisora: As you were trying to hold your fighter away, he [Haye] probably glassed you by mistake.

Booth: You hit me with a bottle.

Chisora: David had a bottle in his hand.

: No, no, David didn't hit me with a bottle. I want to know who glassed me. Someone hit me with a bottle.

The two are separated before Booth addresses Vitali Klitschko.

Booth: Vitali, you are a great fighter but your manager is an embarrassment to the sport. Congratulations for winning.

Chisora: (Addressing Booth) Either we do it in the ring or outside of the ring. Because I want him. If David don't fight me, Adam, I am telling you the God's honest truth, I am going to physically burn him. So you tell him I said that. I am going to find him.

i really do not blame the Klitschko brothers for wanting to have nothing to do with British boxers ever again, and i really wouldn't be surprised if they just threw in the towel on the whole thing. world heavyweight title bouts used to be massive world events; now it seems they are a thing that just happens and tend to get surrounded more by circus clowns than theatrical events.

one can only hope that the sport gets some semblance of respectability again one day, but it doesn't appear to be on the calendar just yet.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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