Friday, February 03, 2012

the new iron of South Fork

hi there

well, owing to circumstances that i would prefer not to go into, there was something of an urgent requirement for me to purchase a new iron (of the clothes ironing variety) for South Fork. i had no quarrel with engaging in meeting such a requirement, and thus off i duly went to invest in such an item.

behold, if you are of a disposition to be interested in such things, the new iron which shall soon take residence at the South Fork estate.

quite spiffing, isn't it? no? well, that's probably due to the limitations of my blueberry camera rather than a lack of quality in respect of the product itself. not that i am an expert in irons and that, really. i know a bit, but not that much. in all honesty, my criteria was "anything but a Samsung made one".

an added bonus for getting this iron for South Fork is that it marks certain anniversaries, i suppose. it is not the most imaginative birthday gift i could think of, but it is Mum's birthday soon. and it is probably rather close to the 50th anniversary of when Dad first heard bands like The Kinks or indeed The Beatles. The Stones too, even. an iron is probably not a natural symbol of such an anniversary being reached, but there it is.

a distinct added bonus of my trip to purchase the iron was that, in one of those let me get a t-shirt printed with "I WAS THERE" on it, the shop were busy unpacking some new items. toys to be specific. even more specific? Star Wars toys. oh yes. the rest of this shall seem somewhat predictable for many of you.

of all the ones they were unpacking, i noted that there were 3 (three) that the boys did not have any variants of at all. a sensible thing would have been to select just one or two of those for now. Star Wars toys, however, have a habit of selling out before you know it and are tricky to find again, so.......

well, just how many of the above would you have been prepared to leave on the shelf? exactly, thought so. Michele will not mind, in particular if i somehow manage to lose the receipt just now.

and that's just about the most exciting thing of late that i have to write of, really! sorry, just thought i would do an update so that any casual or regular reader would know that i am alive and well!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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