Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a weekend away

hi there

apologies for the lack of updates, etc, etc, moving on......

as someone was celebrating their birthday last weekend (not my dear wife, obviously, as apparently she does not age) we went away for the weekend. where did we go? same place as usual, Sun City. well, we love it up there. although i do promise for the next holiday we shall go somewhere different, maybe.

anyway, a weekend suggests a short holiday, but this in no way stopped the boys from doing all that they would normally do in a week within the given time. it was somewhat hectic, then!

a request James made was for us to go to the monster trucks. i must confess this puzzled me for a while, and then i clocked what it was that he wished to go see and do!

well, they seem like monster trucks to him, i suppose! they are pretty cool, and James does love riding around. he can almost now even park one without crashing, which makes him at least one better than me.

William was rather frustrated that he was too small to go on one of them, but was somewhat at peace when he found one parked that he could sit on and "rev", as it were.

oddly, we went back to where that was parked the next day and it was gone, much to the confusion and disappointment of William!

one of the things that both boys could indeed do together, at least, was play golf. well, not quite the golf that Sun City is famous for, but a version that is perfect for the two of them!

what impressed me the most about the round of mini / crazy golf they played was that they actually did it properly (of sorts) in respect of the conventional use of the sticks. or clubs, or whatever they are called. golf things. i half expected them to, at about the 2nd or 3rd hole, just start using them as lightsabers and commence clattering each other, for that is their way with anything that looks remotely like the weapon of a Jedi.

there have been a number of changes at Sun City in the 6 or so months since we were last at the place, it has to be said. one of the changes was that all rooms now have them flat LCD TV sets in them, so it was handy that James had brought along all the Star Wars films. another change was the complete revamp of the children's play area down by the massive breakfast place. this took the boys somewhat by surprise.

i think for the most part they approved of the changes, although James said it was smaller than the old one and thus not as much of a challenge to climb. he also was not at all taken with the "string bridge" connecting it together.

for the most part they played just fine on it, though, with particular emphasis on the ace helter-skelter like slides. as in the fairground ride, not the Beatles song / Manson incident thing.

whereas the place may not now have the height to it that James has a preference for climbing, there were still lots of places for him to perform this fine art, even if they did not always look like things built or designed for climbing on.

William just enjoyed doing everything really, in particular having a close look at Daddy's camera to see just what exactly was going on with it!

and for a final picture, a rare family portrait with us all looking pretty much the same way, kindly taken by the nice chap who did the train ride.

well, there you have an update! a very short, exceptionally busy and indeed very sweet weekend away!

i will do my sort of best to do a few decent updates over the next couple of days. i still have a stack from New Zealand to put here for a start, amongst other images and musings!

in the mean time, though,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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