Sunday, February 12, 2012

what is love, anyway?


well, Howard Jones famously asked the above question in a classic 80s tune, although Jason Donovan asked it even better in a recent cover version. does anybody love anybody anyway?, both further asked. the answer, going on the evidence from the excellent awkward family photo site, is one that comes in the form of yes, yes they do.

what is love, anyway? well, love it seems would be appreciating that chainsaws are a many excellent and splendid thing, and should be on display whenever possible.

love is also a mutual hobby, passion even, beyond each other. it could be the thing that drew two people together to start with. like, for instance, a rather interesting use of cats.

love is certainly enjoying certain films together. one of the best films i ever saw, even if it is not exactly a mainstream release, would be California Cowgirls. if i tell you that the protagonist of the film is one Bronco Johnny Hardon you can probably guess the nature of the film. i am glad to see that someone else liked it, at least to the extent of recreating the look, feel and ambience of it.

nice to see that they remembered to include a jug of redeye there, just like the one that Bronco Johnny chugs on as he....erm, let's try and keep this sort of suitable for families and leave it there.

well, should Jason or Howard still be asking, there are some answers for them. as for anyone else, if this has given you some ideas for the imminent celebration that is Valentine, go wild!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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