Tuesday, February 07, 2012

at the zoo

hi there

at the weekend, somewhat out of the blue of the mildly grey skies we had, James asked if we could possibly go and have a walk around the zoon on Sunday afternoon. this seemed like a rather good idea, and so off we went. rather fortunately we timed it inbetween a slight bit of dizzle and one almighty thunderstorm, which was a bonus!

as he is big and walking now the trip was somewhat easier as there was little point in taking a pushchair for William. on the plus side it meant he could walk and run as he pleased; on the downside he can also climb too and was very eager to get somewhat closer to the animals!

for an idea of which of the animals he wanted to get close to, and just how close we were to them anyway, here's a friendly looking Siberian Tiger that appeared to be encouraging William in his quest to climb over and "play".

the panthers, too, seemed very keen for William to come and join them!

of course, one of the most excellent things that James and William saw were the meerkats on display, busy as they were either standing patrol or digging away in the ground. the boys were very tempted to climb in and join them, but Michele did her best to ensure that they did not!

and on that note, my apologies for no picture of any of the meerkats themselves here. i know i took some, but i appear to have forgotten to bring them along and upload. whoops!

as for James, whose idea it was to go along in the first place, well he sort of enjoyed all the animals, but it seems that it was more the other stuff to do there that he was keen on. like, for example, going on the "bat pole" on the jungle gym there!

despite the presence of a most excellent jungle gym there, the boys of course decided to turn everything into a climbing frame of sorts, in particular the table where we were sat trying to eat lunch!

as you can see, though, William does not tend to allow some climbing to get in the way of his drinking and eating!

other than that, to keep them entertained there was the small matter of an ace bouncy jumping castle.

the boys went wild on this, with as you can sort of see William trying to imitate everything that his big brother did!

not always with great success, mind!

well, what can i say but what an absolutely top, great idea James had there! i wonder what he shall suggest for the next weekend?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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