Wednesday, February 01, 2012

on the lash

hi there

i was recently re-reading an edition of Mojo Magazine, the October 2007 edition to be specific, and was delighted to find a much cherished article once again. the article was on Ringo Starr. now, i wouldn't say that i am the biggest fan of Ringo in the world, but i am indeed a rather big fan of some of his play chums.

observe, if you will, this most excellent picture from the article.

that, for the uneducated, is Ringo in the presence of Harry Nilsson and Keith Moon, apparently heading out for a night on the lash. well, i say night - whatever they got up to after this picture was taken probably went on for a number of days.

we really do not have musical icons of this stature any more. either they are hellraisers (or sad cases) with no talent, or they have huge amounts of talent but tend to be a touch boring. Kasabian look like they could kick it, and of course there's always Liam. and Bobby Gillespe. and Bez. well, OK, there are a few, but they are of the "old guard". where, to quote a dear friend, in the blue blazes are we to find a trio of talent and mayhem like this in the modern music world?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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