Friday, February 24, 2012

new handle

hi there

my car has been away on a bit of a holiday for the last week or so. well, when i say "holiday" i mean "service", and indeed to have one or two minor things fixed on it.

a major issue for everyone but me, it has to be said, was that the window handle winding thing broke off a while ago. well, a few months ago. i have been managing perfectly well putting the window up and down with a pair of pliers, but apparently this was "not safe". under much duress i agreed to have a new one installed, and here it is for your viewing pleasure.

in the above picture you can also see the new door handle thing, too. that broke quite some time ago, but i had no issue with just putting my hand out the window and opening the car from the outside. after i had got the window down with the pliers, of course.

in other matters, the windscreen wiper blades that i had fixed up with my pair of pliers got replaced, and something called the "cv joints" were replaced as the ones on were falling off. i am led to believe that the "cv" part there stands for "constant velocity", which is a very cool name. i am not 100% sure where these cool sounding things are bar somewhere in or near the wheels, but i suppose it does not matter as they do not sound like things one can fix with a pair of pliers.

anyway, the beast is back on the road, and appears not to be making any more funny or strange noises. driving, in fact, feels rather pleasant in it at the moment, even with the "element of surprise" removed from going about my business in it. it's taking some getting used to, opening the window and door in a more conventional manner, but no doubt i shall soon master this fine art.

i do, as you may expect, have the pliers in the car still, just in case.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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