Wednesday, February 29, 2012

and i don't know if i'm ever coming home

every now and then the world gets someone in it whose vibrancy and sheer apparent love of life makes the whole place feel like a much better place to be in.

David "Davy" Jones was such a person.

what sad news today that he is no longer with us. i recall fondly watching re-run after re-run of The Monkees on TV whilst growing up in Australia, and indeed their film Head when i was somewhat older and able to (ahem) appreciate what was going on in it.

he never once, to my knowledge, expressed resentment or regret at being remembered as "the man from The Monkees". if anything i think he was disappointed that they never got the acclaim they deserved - beyond being talented musicans and producing great pop lyrics, such greats as Neil Diamond and Harry Nilsson were able to get on the stage themselves by writing fantastic songs for them.

let us not forget, too, his accidental contribution to the world of modern music - as he was already around and well known as Davy Jones, the other Davey Jones had to change his surname to avoid confusion, opting to record as David Bowie instead.

over the next few days no doubt the internet shall be awash with memories and tributes of this lad who just sought to entertain. the fact that little, indeed i expect none at all, slurs or "bad" stories will surface is a fine measure to be had of you.

remember, then, when you rise, and wipe the sleep from your eyes, do keep believing in those daydreams.

be excellent to each other.
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