Sunday, February 26, 2012

decking New Zealand

hello there

well, time for a few more pictures from New Zealand, i believe. and what is it you would like to see? more images of my Dad doing non-essential DIY work early in the morning whilst wearing his pyjamas? of course you do.

most people would tend to go on holiday to have a bit of a rest, or at least to try and relax and do something different from the usual stuff. not so, as far as my Dad is concerned. i assure you this is the kind of thing he is prone to do anywhere in the world. i recall, and i am sure there is a post on it here somewhere, him deciding to bang nails in the doorway of South Fork just as we were trying to head home the once.

for those of you interested, in these pictures i can pretty much assure you that he is saying something like "get in there, you bastard" at the nails (or bolts, or whatever they are), much to the confusion of the neighbours (who presumably aren't used to such sights and sounds at daybreak) and to the assurance of my sister, who has presumably come to accept this all as some sort of sign of normal mental stability in him. we would worry if he stopped banging nails in things sporadically, i guess.

Grant has possibly got used to this sort of thing, him being in "the family" for a while now. he does seem particularly pleased, at least, that the "decking project" has expanded from modest routes in the back garden to being something which apparently extends all the way to the side of a river or some other body of water in the city.

nice work, Dad. i hesitated before writing that, fearing that compliments may just encourage him, but then again he doesn't really need encouraging to do this sort of thing.

i shall endeavour to share even more images of New Zealand eventually, but in the mean time i hope you all enjoyed these ones!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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