Monday, February 06, 2012

Jack White's sort-of solo debut.....

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well, the first truly interesting music release of 2012 is almost upon us. in what is being billed as "Jack White's solo debut", a new 7" single from one of the most interesting musicians from the last or quite frankly any decade is out on Monday 13 February 2012.

at first the reports were you could only order it from Jack's own website store thing, which you can find by clicking these words, but now it seems that the excellent Record Store also has it for order. not one to mess about, i have it on order from both. i would suspect that the Record Store one shall land a good deal sooner than the one from the US, going on my experiences with orders from the American amazon store.

what does it sound like? no idea, really. apparently one can hear it on Jack's site (which you may already know if you've clicked on the link), but i have not given it a try. i really don't bother putting the speakers on much when it comes to the computer, and quite frankly as Jack is a well known opponent of compressed computer sound files i think i shall rather wait for one of the copies of the single to land.

as for this being billed as "Jack's solo debut", that's a touch cheeky. sure, the bulk of his material has been released as either The White Stripes, The Raconteurs or The Dead Weather, but it is not like there aren't any "Jack White" releases out there. for a start there's his ace Bond theme Another Way To Die (yeah, OK, that was sort of a duet with Alicia Keys, but the song is much better if you just ignore Ms Keys on it), and on top of that there's the 2009 solo single Fly Farm Blues, not to mention the songs he did for the soundtrack for the film Cold Mountain. if it amuses him to refer to this as his "solo debut", however, well so be it, so long as the music is as class as all that he has previously given to the world!

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