Thursday, February 16, 2012

the further childcare techniques of Grandad....

hi there

well, first off, if required, apologies for the delays in updates. i have been "busy", despite being on leave. my days have been filled with various official and government departments, mild shopping and serious car service time. in regards of the latter, the bill to get a car fixed up and serviced before anything actually falls off seems to be higher than if you just wait for something to break, so cheers for that tip everyone.

anyway, a quick update whilst i have five minutes. as you will no doubt have clocked, Grandma and Grandad went off to New Zealand for a bit. not only did Gillian and Grant let them back in the house (OK, Grandma is not a problem) but they took the interesting, perhaps unusual, decision to let Grandma and Grandad (the latter in particular) look after Katie and Daniel. the results of this were as unusual as ever.

first off, as you are aware Grandad likes grandchildren to be quiet and more or less out of his way. his efforts to get his grandchildren to comply with this seem to have hit a literal new high.

yes, that's Katie, quite tied up and some distance from the ground. i can only imagine Grandad did this then went for a stroll around Auckland, looking for a betting shop and no doubt being solicticed for "friendship" from a couple of sailors. it is, after all, his way.

no doubt Grandma got involved at some point and freed Katie, much to the disappointment of Grandad.

let it not be said, though, that Grandad is entirely unreasonable. he can compromise every now and then, if he is in the mood to. Katie and Daniel, it seems, wanted to play on the trampoline but could not do so unless they were supervised by Grandad. Grandad, it would seem, wanted to have a nice nap instead. whereas those two do not strike one as being possible to do at the same time, he did find a way.

yes, i am sure Katie and Daniel were thrilled to just sit still and listen to snoring instead of jumping up and down!

i have, as you might guess, about 400 pictures here of the trip to New Zealand, including some that should enthrall fans of amateur Japanese Ocean Swimmers. i will get around to putting them all up, but in the mean time here's Grandad looking rather pleased with his pioneering parenting techniques, and Grandma keeping quiet and pretending not to notice.

i wil try and do a few more later, but it could well be that you shall all have to wait a few days for some more updates, there's an important event to celebrate, apparently.......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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