Friday, February 24, 2012

Japanese swimming

hi there

well, this is one of those updates that has less to do with me and much more to do with a specific request. the request this time comes from my Dad, who took these images and has expressed an interest in seeing them on this very blog. to that end, here are two of the pictures of the dozen or so he sent.

Japanese swimming is not, it has to be said, a subject that holds much in the way of particular interest for me. a quick bit of research suggests that the finest swimmer Japan produced was probably Hironoshin Furuhashi, but alas the matter of a World War prevented him from being exposed to the international area or, if you will, pool. along those lines, though, there was gold medal winner Daichi Suzuki, and of course Masaru Furukawa.

my apologies in advance, or just plain right now, for those of you reading this on the basis of those names featuring here, as that is all i have to say about them. instead of anything on those swimmers, here are some pictures my Dad took of a Japanese lady swimming at an unspecified location in New Zealand.

if you ever wondered about the specifics of the thousands of pictures that my Dad takes whilst on his travels but do not always end up here i can only imagine these ease your query somewhat. yes, this is the kind of thing i get sent to me.

as far as i can work out these pictures were taken and sent off as part of some "voyeuristic twist" he has decided to take. this is perhaps as a consequence, or just part of, the fact that i am led to believe he has now clocked exactly what "dogging" is after a chance glance inside a van parked somewhere in New Zealand; something he felt it best to invite my Mum to come and have a look at. Grant, it seems, has been very keen to go along to the same venue on a daily basis.

i am assuming for the moment that the lady in these pictures had absolutely nothing to do with either this "dogging" business my Dad has taken a shine to, and is probably quite unaware of these images existing.

i have a further 11 pictures of this moment in time and propose to put here no further ones unless there is a high level of demand for them. let me know, which means i kind of expect the comments section of this post to remain rather quiet.

there you go Dad, hope this is kind of what you wanted to see! there are other, dare i say more suitable, pictures from New Zealand that i need to post here, i will do them sooner or later!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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