Monday, September 19, 2011

some weekend pics via the magic of blueberry

hi everyone

well, a bit of a busy but fun weekend on this side of the world! far too busy to get too many pictures, really, but there are a few!

on Sunday i went off on a visit to South Fork and took William with me. James stayed at home partially because last weekend Grandad declared "William is allowed to come back as he is quiet", but mostly as he wanted to spend some time playing with Mummy. which is fair enough.

William quite liked the journey around the shops, and of course had great fun when we got to South Fork. he was particularly happy when Grandad decided to have sushi for lunch, as young William has developed quite a taste for it!

i am not sure how happy Grandad is about sharing, mind. i dare say deep down he loves the idea of sharing sushi with one of his grandchildren, but things like that don't always come out vocally quite as they should. "why didn't you buy him his own bloody sushi" are more or less the words he uses rather than expressing how pleased he is.

i do like the resigned look on William's friend, Marmite, in these pictures. she seems to be aware that there is next to no chance of her getting some of this stuff off William!

also visible in the picture is some French toast and bacon, another of William's top foods. he was somewhat enjoying that until the prospect of sushi appeared!

not to be one outdone by my deft skills with one of them blueberry phone things, Michele took a picture of James not busy eating, but busy colouring in one of his most excellent Scooby Doo books.

it sounds like Mummy & James had just as much fun as we did. although James didn't run into quite as many doors as William did at South Fork. and, presumably, Mummy didn't grumble or play as many Chris Rea records as Grandad.

Grandad has taken some further pictures of the weekend, since he was mentioned, and assuming that he doesn't get too offended by this post i am sure he shall forward some of them on. filtering fans are advised to brace themselves, however, as he has decided not to pursue this "filtering" business too much in the future. he is, however, rather keen on a new lens.

until the next time, then,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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