Thursday, September 22, 2011

further pictures from the weekend before last (i think)

hey everyone

well, Grandad sent these further pictures through a few days ago, but i've been that busy with verk and that (honest) i just have not had the chance to post them here. let me fix that now!

these pictures were taken by Grandma with her camera, which is an actual proper camera and not a blueberry thing like mine. this would mean that the pictures are of a good deal better quality!

i am at least pretty sure Grandma took these pictures - she certainly at the least took this first one, as Grandad features in it!

that would be three of the four grandchildren who visited him sat listening with interest, then. i have little or no doubt that as this picture was being taken Grandad was telling the gathered all about how excellent Jeff Bridges is, or even how he is disappointed with "filtering" and how he intends to get a new lens soon. no doubt they wandered off, then, not long after this picture was taken.

Ruby-Lee was probably sleeping or eating whilst the above picture was being taken, but she was certainly awake when this lovely portrait was taken!

whereas i remain relatively sure that Grandma took these pictures, it could well have been Grandad really, or taken at Grandad's suggestion. they do have something of a "portrait" feel to them, and no doubt he is getting ready to start making and printing calendars for next year!

if that's what they are up to then they have some great pictures for the calendar, including this one of Lyla!

no doubt the next picture shall feature on a calendar, too. and under it shall be a few grumbles and complaints - totally, and i want to make this quite clear, totally - out of character for Grandad about William pinching his sushi!

and finally here's a dazzling, most excellent and stunning picture taken of James!

wow! they're all good, but that last one is brilliant! well done, whoever took it!

righty-ho, i think that's all of the best of the pictures from the weekend before this one that has just passed!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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