Thursday, September 29, 2011

oh, i like this guy

up until seeing the news today i had absolutely no idea who or what a Mark Esterhuysen was. i had a general idea of who was "working" on that rather trivial, self-serving and self important little regional radio station down here, but little interest. as it turns out, Mr Esterhuysen was working for them right up until 1am or thereabouts yesterday and then resigned in the most spectacular and impressive way that a radio show host could do. nice one quire, well done! what a pity it was so early, though!

his statements after the fact provide a fascinating insight into how that little station works and how vastly inflated their view of themselves and their importance is. feel free to click on any of the links here to see. the biggest laugh, though, comes from their "news editor in chief" Katy Katopodis (who i have referred to as 'Katie Krapopdis' by more than a dozen or so people), who said that Mr Esterhuysen is a "publicity seeker". i guess she is an expert in spotting once, since in 2008 she famously took the time, trouble and imagination to go to the Human Rights Commission to complain about the fact that the Black Journalists Forum would not allow non-members to attend a dinner they were holding in the presence of President Jacob Zuma. of course, it was presented to them that they were not keeping it members only (which is very fair) but that they were "being racist" by excluding white reporters. as i recall, they even sent reporters to try and gatecrash the event. the comical part in the complaint Ms Katopodis (or however you would prefer to spell it) had the audacity and nerve to state in her complaint that she was making it "on behalf of all journalists and reporters in South Africa"! the cheek! i dare say more than a few would not wish for her to be speaking on their behalf, thank you very much.

this trivial little station has of course won "MTN Radio Station Of The Year" status for the last two years, which happen to be the only two years it has been running. how have they won it? well, if you cast your eyes upon the "expert panel" who vote for the winner and google their name, you will be surprised at just how frequently and indeed currently their names come up in association with the winning station. and as the station, the last time i listened, seem keen to advertise that they are the "MTN radio station of the year" at least once an hour, what a winner on the free advertising stakes for the cellphone company who sponsored it.

nice one, then, Mr Esterhuysen. good on you for speaking your mind and saying what you seen, and best of luck with the future.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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