Saturday, September 10, 2011

that event over in (ahem) New Zealand

hi everyone

well, as a number of you will be aware, there's an event of note going on in New Zealand at the moment; an event that England shall obviously win. with that obvious thing in place, it is great how the people of NZ are embracing all the visitors and the event even though their team shall probably lose!

Friday saw the opening ceremony, and thus Gillian took the family and some 300 of her closest friends from her neighbourhood to a big paddock to watch the event from afar!

Gillian tried to get some pictures of the spectacular fireworks display they had to launch the event, but she's a bit concerned that she didn't do all that good a job of it. i believe she qualified the picture quality with those words in an ill-fated attempt to stop Grandad's usual whine and whinge about absolutely any picture not taken by his good self. by the way, on that note, Grandad is now insisting that all pictures must be "filtered", whatever that means.

anyway, here's one of Gillian's pictures.

i really like it, to be honest. it has an awesome Blade Runner skyline feeling to it! Grandad can moan and groan all he likes, really, it's not like he was not going to anyway.

Daniel got hold of the camera and decided to take a few pictures. it seems that he thought a few people might quite like to see what New Zealand grass looks like. as it happens, i would imagine that quite a few people i know who read this would like to see what the grass looks like there, just not the particular type Daniel photographed.

here then, for your observation and study, is the grass that Daniel sat upon to watch the opening ceremony.

one takes it as they all had a really good time watching the spectacle. Daniel in particular seems to have had tremendous fun, as he was left a little bit too worn out to make it all the way up to his bed!

lovely! well, not sure if Gillian will be sending pictures on from the whole event. i am not sure she's too bothered by rugby as such. Grant is, be he will obviously be using the fact that the games are mostly at night to go out and "check on the sheep". you know, making sure they don't get a fright and that [TEXT OBSCURED ON LEGAL ADVICE] by anyone other than him, or at least his favourite. or possibly favourites.

many thanks indeed for these images, Gillian!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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