Thursday, September 22, 2011

surface mail

hey everyone

well, something of a surprise in the post yesterday! Great Grandma Harland sent a parcel to the boys around the middle of July this year. As there was no sign of it in July or August we just had to assume that someone at the Post Office, either in England or here, had decided to accidentally (i am sure) steal it. i am delighted to say that this isn't the case, for it is that parcel which was the surprise!

James was rather excited to get something sent to him!

sorry for the poor quality pictures - yes, done off my blueberry again. as far as i can see my model or number blueberry doesn't have a fancy flash or anything, sorry.

it seems that the parcel had been sent, either by default or design, via surface mail instead of airmail. ho hum, that means the parcel was literally shipped in then; perhaps some of the sailors on the boat it was on have crossed paths with my Dad at some point!

anyway, the important thing is that it arrived, and the boys love their new shirts!

i can assure you that William did really like his, but cannot show you a picture of him with his. as soon as i tried to take a picture he wandered off, sadly. i was, however, able to get a picture of him stabbing an abacus with a toy screwdriver.

clearly he is learning all about the best way to repair things from his Uncle Richard!

well, many thanks indeed to Great Grandma H for sending them over, and well done indeed to the Post Office for delivering them eventually!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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