Monday, September 12, 2011

filtering with Grandad

hey everyone

as things turned out it was the case that quite a few of us were at South Fork this last weekend! i took the boys over as usual, only this time in particular as they had not seen Grandad for a fair bit due to his travels and they had quite forgotten how musing they find him when he is being grumpy.

a particularly good way to make him grumpy, as it turns out, was to keep riding around on toy bikes.

the look of pride on the boys faces, in particular James, shows off just how class this fun playing was, perhaps made even better by the fact that the noise they for the most part made with it seemed to make Grandad even more grumpy than usual. which is quite a formidable thing to achieve.

you may have noticed that some of these pictures look "different" from usual, in terms of the colour, brightness and perhaps several other fancy terms that i might not particularly understand nor claim to. this appearance change is probably down to his new found passion, "applying filters" or "filtering"; whichever is the correct way of saying it. i am somewhat unconvinced that just because you have whatever device it is that does this "filtering" business that you should consequentially apply it to every single picture you take, but Grandad is of course the expert.

anyway, in a perhaps filtered picture, here is James about to attempt something terribly ambitious from the top of the slope in the garden on a tricycle; perhaps something i should not let him have done but Mummy wasn't there and what is growing up without a touch of danger.

as James' chosen method of bringing any vehicle he is in charge of to a halt is by simply to keep going until he hits a brick wall it is a touch risky to let him have a go at it on a downhill. ho hum, no harm was done!

William, who normally has the sense of a streak of danger in him, wasn't too keen on trying any class downhill runs on a bike, but was all the same happy to sit on the bikes and look stylish. his style being made all the more stylish, presumably, by Grandad's class new filtering technique.

making Grandad even happier than usual was the fact that it was not just James and William visiting him. Richard and Erika had a pressing, top level social engagement to attend, and thus Lyla and Ruby-Lee were there for Saturday night.

Grandma was genuinely happy!

if you are wondering what exactly is going on there with Ruby-Lee in the class walker frame thing, here is a bit of a closer look!

as it turns out, she really, really, really likes chocolate!

other than riding bikes around and making as much noise as Grandad could possibly hope for, the grandchildren do of course find many ways to entertain themselves whilst at South Fork. a particular favourite is staring at the tropical fish and speculating as to what they might be able to do with them all.

William, it has to be said, has a pretty ruthless streak in regards of these fish. he feels that they should constantly be getting fed, and if they are not being fed and subsequently eating then he should be allowed to take them out as they are clearly not doing what he expects and demands of them. William isn't quite big enough to climb up and get his hand in the fishtank all by himself, though. not yet at least.

on the subject of water based activites, you do your best to work this one out.

i must confess i was a little bit puzzled when this picture arrived in my email. Grandad assures me that James and Lyla have their feet in buckets of water as their feet were "filthy" and, due to a broken pipe somewhere in the area, they could not have a bath. i suspect this is all a cover story for some bizarre "this will keep them quiet" ritual he came up with, but cannot prove it beyond theory.

in the mean time, here's Richard, chilling and watching something on TV.

and here i am.

if it looks like we have some sort of restraint across our faces going on, it could well be because our Dad has made a very interesting request. Dad has asked to lend one of the greatest films ever made, and thus a copy is in his hands. Mum is on instruction to alert us the moment that Dad sits down to watch it. this shall be excellent; neither of us can wait to see and hear what he makes of it.

well, there you go! many thanks for the excellent, filtered or filtering pictures, Dad!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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