Thursday, September 01, 2011

One September Thursday

hey everyone

well, yep, cor blimey, it is September already! that would make it Spring Day here in my corner of the world, and as usual we have marked the day here at verk.

here's a picture of me yesterday giving a try to my stylish new mask and wig!

well, i think it looks good, as indeed does my Uncle Trevor going on the email he sent me in response! the above isn't strictly speaking an official picture, by the way, as it was not taken by Trigger. it was taken by Viv, though, and as she regularly gets a lift with Trigger it is as good as being an official one.

Trigger has of course taken a couple of pictures today, including this one of me and my chum Sinbad, in which we are showing off all the maturity and sophistication you might expect.

and here i am with the chief mechanic for my car for things that do not require it to be towed away, the rather talented young lad called Jayson.

the people of New Zealand, amongst other nations, shall probably be curious as to what Zama was looking like today. well, wonder no more, for here he is doing a rather interesting salute that we asked him rather not to do.

being able to dress up and wear all sorts of fancy colours really does bring out the best in the lad, as you can see.

Zama was kind enough to take the usual picture of myself and Trigger, although sadly it is only Trigger in this one doing the traditional pose.

it at this stage, i guess, remains to be seen if this post has set the tone for whatever else i shall put here for the duration of the month!

if you happen to be celebrating a particular season yourself today, well, what can i say other than i hope the celebrations went very well!!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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