Friday, September 16, 2011

Springbok Dude Shirts

hey everyone

well, thanks to that event over in New Zealand that England shall probably win. down here to celebrate we are having something called 'Springbok Fridays', where everyone is encouraged to to wear their 'Bok' shirt in support of the side as the go on a valiant and noble quest to try and finish second, with honour, to England. ahem, i have noticed that there is a good deal less enthusiasm for this celebration today after the less than perfect start the defending champions made, but a win this weekend should see the support flood back in.

very much celebrating this Springbok Day business is James. last week he asked if he could have a Bok supporter shirt, and thus i promptly got him and William some rather stylish shirts!

thanks to the magic of my blueberry phone thing, here are some pictures of this morning, then, with the two boys getting ready to go to school in their class new outfits!

yeah, i know - sorry for the quality. these blueberry pictures are sort of OK for spur of the moment pictures, but they do not always come out in the best quality. i will try and take images with a proper camera once again soon-ish! i do trust that these shall do for now, however.

i must confess i did feel "a little bit heart-sore" when James asked for a Bok shirt. i have no problem whatsoever, of course, with him supporting his country and his team, but it is when things like this happen that it is illustrated that me and my children come from different countries. oh well, such is the world.

ah, now in that picture above the more astute of you will note that William appears to be making a dash for it. that appearance would be because he is indeed making a dash for it. i had, somewhat unwisely, left the impressive collection of toy cars he and James have out from last night, and thus off he wanted to go to play with them all again!

James was quite happy to pose for another picture, though!

as James has been telling all his friends at school about his new shirt i am sure it has been great for all his friends to see it at school today!

now then, going off a bit, all this talk of Springboks has brought back something of a memory for me, an incident some 15 or so years ago!

i was in Heathrow waiting to board (as you do) a BA flight to South Africa. i was aware of some Americans behind me. one of them, the lady, said (in the best Southern Bible-Belt drawl that you can imagine) "oh look honey, one of them spinbok things", with the spelling spinbok there being as it was spoken. i didn't pay much attention to them, but was aware of the fact that they were taking pictures. i did pay attention, however, when the lady (let's assume she was called Blanche or similar) said "oh look, it has wings. i guess they fly around". i was rather curious as to see what it is they were looking at, so turned to have a look. and, as you can guess from the picture, it was the tail of a Qantas plane, showing off a kangaroo. beats me why they thought it had wings, though, perhaps they mistook what the tail was? oh well, it was not for me to correct them on any aspect of their vision, so i remained silent!

hope you all have or have had a class Friday, however you may be dressed!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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