Thursday, September 01, 2011

the wanderers

hello again

well, Dad seemed to wonder why i had not put any pictures of his recent travels up on here. i believe that's what he was wondering, since yesterday he asked if i didn't get certain pictures. i do tend to rather wait for his journey to be complete before posting, for you never know what other pictures shall turn up. to this end, i am still waiting for some, but more on that later.

in the mean time then, let us start at the end of his, or should i rather say their, journey with some pictures of a rather notable event they managed to get some tickets for!

they, you ask? well, Dad had a companion on his travels this time around - the rather familiar face of his other son and my dear brother, Richard!

whereas these pictures are from the fine nation of Australia, their are some from the neighbouring country of New Zealand that i wish to post too. however, i am led to believe that there are a few of Richard ramming a knife into the cassette deck in Gillian's car. as i have not got these ones yet, i shall hold off on posting!

for those keen on some New Zealand images though, here's an unusual angle picture of the world famous haka that the All Blacks do!

in the absence of some NZ pictures for now, then, let us have a look at a couple of pictures from another land, but interestingly enough featuring an item on its way to the land of the Kiwi!

yep, that's the Rugby World Cup trophy (the William Webb Ellis Cup i think??) in Dubai, heading to New Zealand in anticipation of the tournament which starts in a little over a week.

ahem, if the trophy stays in New Zealand after the tournament is, however, debatable. i'm not sure i would like to state who i think shall be winning it, but then again i also have no problem in suggesting that hopefully England have made arrangements for some extra baggage on their return flight.

Richard seems to agree, going on his shirt!

it sounds like they've had an excellent, if somewhat long, journey! more pictures to follow as soon as i can!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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