Thursday, September 08, 2011

another September Thursday

hello there

well, my trusted personal photographer Trigger was of a mind to take some images for me today here at verk. what better place to show them off than right here?

here i am with a relatively new member to our happy, get along gang her at verk, Stefan. he has caused quite a stir on my profile on the grand social network already, but one look at the picture below should show you that he knows how it all "works", so to speak, here.

it's actually been a while since we have conducted T-Bag out of Prison Break signs of friendship, now that i think of it. it's certainly something we should be doing a good deal more often.

as for Stefan in general, he is a great deal of fun to have around. he's one of them "medic" people which is quite class and very useful to have here at verk, in particular when T-Bag style signs of friendship are met with an out of proportion non-verbal response. when asked, he said that he could "probably" do one of them tracheotomy operations, but isn't strictly speaking allowed to with his current qualifications and that. he has indicated that he would do one if there was no choice, which is to say it was a "life or death" situation, mind. we shall have to see if such circumstances mysteriously happen here, then!

the other picture that Trigger took was of Stacey and your humble narrator. Stacey, though, believed some sort of phone call was more important that posing for the artist known as Trigger, so this is the best we could do.

Stacey has, for some reason, gotten it into her head that the above image is some sort of symbolic picture of me kicking her. This is of course rather far from the truth - Perth Scotland away from Perth Australia far away, assuming you go the long way around, that far. just because she could not be bothered to pose with the same style and class as me was no reason for me not to, was it?

right, well, there you go, hope you have enjoyed these images!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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