Thursday, September 29, 2011

the Minute Detail Preachers box set latest

hey everyone

well, groan away if you so wish, but just to keep on top of it there's been the slightest update to this Manic Street Preachers National Treasures Singles Box Set business. nope, no details on the tracks included as of yet.

there is, however, a fairly eyecatching, nice, "want it want it" picture showing what it all looks like. here you go!

looking good, however, simply does not justify the rather high price tag placed on it. the band's site claims that it is very much "in demand", but i know of only 1 or 2 absolutely fanatical fans who have ordered this blind, everyone else seems to be waiting for musical content confirmation. and wisely so!

the release date is supposed to be 31 October, and by the looks of the above the thing is in the process of being produced. surely they cannot conceal the tracklisting for too much longer?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!
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