Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ching ching, darlings

hey everyone

well, on a recent trip to that place known as Middelberg (see August posts, i think) i found a number of items in a Spar store there which amused me to purchase. one of them was a set of fine, eloquent tea spoons, which i offered to my beloved wife as a gift. she was rather, if not somewhat, bemused by the gesture, but accepted them no matter.

another item was a cigarette lighter bearing the name in the font and logo of that drink known as Cinzano. i am not particularly keen on the stuff, but the idea of owning a Cinzano lighter, and thus in appearance alone embracing what is known as "the Cinzano lifestyle", attracted me a very good deal indeed. i was going to post a pictue of it on here, but then i had an even better idea whilst at verk.

i should, before you pursue your perusal of this, point out that as far as i am aware no one featured in any way endorses or has any relation to whoever it is that makes Cinzano or similar, nor do they condone the use of a cigarette lighter as nature intended. the former is certainly true of your humble narrator; the latter not so much. right then, with that disclaimer out the way.....

it's pretty standard, as regular readers will be all to aware of, for me to flash a new mug around at verk and post a few pics here. good enough for a new mug, good enough for a new Cinzano lighter i say, so here we go! here is Jayson, one of my most trusted mechanics, proudly displaying the lighter whilst making what he assures me is some sort of 'gangsta' sign quite popular with the kids these days.

and yes, Zama enthusiasts, that is Zama lurking in the background, waving about what appears to be a plastic and subsequently disposable fork. for some reason the people of New Zealand are in particular fascinated with Zama, or at least Zama believes that the people of New Zealand are fascinated with him. whichever is the case, there he is.

Jayson, as you once again are aware, is one of the chief mechanics when it comes to my car. this is also true of Naeem, pictured here showing it off. and by it i do mean the lighter; not his deft skills at the infrequent but all the same interesting mechanical issues my car attracts.

sat behind Naeem, who was rather hoping that i would show him how to log in to do his tax rather than insist i take a picture of him, is Noz and stood behind him, at her own insistence, is Siphokazi. bot Noz and Siphokazi have kindly introduced and educated me to the ways of the world of someone called Khanyi Mbau; someone i had absolutely no interest in or knowledge of until certain pictures of her turned up in the more colourful corners of the internet.

anyway, here is Siphokazi proudly showing off the lighter herself, with Ernestine looking on in a sense of wonder and awe.

my English based readers may well struggle with the correct pronunciation of the name Siphokazi. you can either try and do it properly and basically "drop the h" as she told me, or you can cheat and just call her Foxy or something similar.

once i had managed to wrestle Siphokazi into giving me the lighter back (not easy), it was time to spread the wonders of it across my colleagues a bit. like, for instance, Tanya.

Tanya is one of the more resilient and optimistic, pleasant people i know here at verk, which is saying something as they are all like that really. an added bonus is that Tanya knows some sensational, class places to get lunch from. oh, and you can see the lad we call Ronaldo in the background.

some people, it has to be said, flat refused to pose for a picture. Sinbad in particular was very vocal in his decline, using certain sexual swear words that i am not prepared to repeat here, duckies. there was no such problem, however, with one of my dearest and longest standing friends posing. ladies and gents, a very familiar face to you all, say hello again to Ignatia!

i cannot recall when she was last here on the blog, but i do know that she was at my wedding, if only to make sure that it happened.

another regular face is the one known as the other Michelle, or Ace Ventura to make things a bit simpler for me and my warped outlook on the world. Michelle/Ace has been very kind in teaching me how one or two things work on these blueberry phones, as it happens!

no celebration of a Cinzano lighter would be complete without Nedine having a look at it, of course, and so in order to make sure this is complete here she is!

Nedine was busy getting a drink of water when i pounced with the lighter and the blueberry phone/camera thing. good of her not to get particularly angry and play along with me, i am sure you shall agree!

ah, now here is a special one. to some he is known as Dewaldt; others call him simply "Big D". well, those who he can persuade to.

note how stylish the shirt looks. he is clearly good with colours. no doubt he wears comfortable shoes too, and probably has one of them "sat nav" things to help with his sense of direction.

moving on and here is a relatively new member of our get along gang at verk, the interesting and fascinating Stefan. i believe he ended a call to his wife or someone of similar signifigance to ensure he had his picture taken. nice one, mate.

Stefan is one of them medical type people, which is cool. although he has never done one, he believes that he could probably do one of those tracheotomy things on someone, although he couldn't see what sort of emergency would happen at verk that would require cutting open someone's throat and shoving a tube in to resolve. we are trying our best to arrange such an incident for him, and it could well mean even more interesting pictures of Zama on here.

last and certainly not least would be Melissa, who is wearing an ace Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt that very nearly distracts one from the class of the Cinzano lighter.

actually, looking at the above, if my Cinzano lighter had some glitter on it like that shirt, it would be even more excellent, would it not?

my thanks to all of those who posed for a picture. i may take more on my travels, we shall see if it amuses me further.

i trust you all have enjoyed these images.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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