Tuesday, September 13, 2011

shiny things

hey there

well, there's no point in trying to hide away from the truth - i really, really like shiny things. when they are shiny things that feature David Bowie, i tend to like to the point of finding them irresistable.

celebrated rock photographer Mick Rock has chosen to unleash this on the world :

'this' would be a tin featuring a book containing 128 pages of pictures of Bowie (some from an unpublished session in 2002), along with a 7" of Starman and Suffragette City. wow.

on the plus side, this set "only" costs £20.00. this is a rather good price for a Mick Rock work, in particular mindful of the exclusive stuff in it. the down side, however, is that some research suggets that it shall cost me a good deal more than another £20.00 to get it shipped to me here. damn.

at the moment i am trying to say to myself that i have the Ziggy Stardust album on vynil and thus have these two tracks in that format, and i have countless pictures and books on Bowie anyway. i am not certain that arguing with myself in such a manner shall result in this not being ordered.

have a look at it for yourself by clicking here! there are some other sets that look equally attractive, so you have been warned!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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