Friday, September 02, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises (in a Romanian salt mine?)

hey everyone

well, i have a good track record for thinking things claiming to be from Christopher Nolan's take on Batman are fake, and here i go again.

the following pictures have been posted across the internet, claiming to be the "new" Batcave for The Dark Knight Rises.

before you go ahead with the below, whilst most of it shall be theory there will be a few comments that warrant me putting a *** SPOILER WARNING *** here.

here's the first picture.

it looks very impressive indeed, doesn't it? it certainly looks like it could be a Batcave, but i am not sure there is place for such a building in The Dark Knight Rises.

in Batman Begins the batcave, a rather basic place to work beneath Wayne Manor, was destroyed. in The Dark Knight we saw Bruce Wayne working from somewhere near the docks and - most importantly - destroying everything related to the Batman project towards the end of the film. we also saw Batman flee as a fugitive.

it strikes me as unlikely, then, that he would take the time to build such an elaborate dwelling?

if this is legit, it must hold some sort of record for the most open film set in history, judging by the amount of graffiti on the wall and presumably crew members' families visiting!

i suspect this is for a film, but not The Dark Knight Rises. watch me get proved wrong once again when what you see above more or less turns up in the film!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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